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12-19-2017, 02:20 PM
Hi everyone! The North American Archeage servers will be unavailable at 11:00 PM PST on Tuesday, December 19th for weekly maintenance and scheduled server updates. This is different than normal due to the Winter Maiden Festival activation. General: • Honor Potion: 50 has been added to the Compensation tab for Gift Coins. • It’s time to celebrate the season of snow! The Winter Maiden festival has arrived and, with it, a variety of holiday themed décor and fun. Bug Fixes:

Updated the Opaque Polish Ingredients quest to accurately reflect how to get Charcoal Stabilizer.
Updated the map boundary for the Arcadian Sea to highlight appropriately.
Fixed Bruiser’s Badge and Shadow Daru Trader from showing up in two spaces in the merchant window.
Eco Fuel can be used on farm carts/haulers/freighters again. FIRE ‘EM UP.
Fixed the Maxxed Steambike from slowing down when Conker’s Cube was summoned.
Added a breath weapon template when the Frost Dragon Mount was gliding.
Fixed a bug that caused the Rocket Wings to fly too far with the Divebomb skill. (Sorry/not sorry about those rad deaths.)
Fixed a bug in the signposts that do not have quests resulting in an Invalid Quest system message.
Fixed the issue that prevented players from mounting when glider debuff was active.

[still testing for confirmation]

Fixed an issue that caused the space door to be summoned in the air after the Seal Destroyer was killed in Aegis Island.
Updated some Crimson Watch quest text to accurately reflect that it takes place in Diamond Shores.
Increased the maximum stack size for items found in Old Jars and Relic Containers.
Fixed a issue with the Honor Goblet description. [awaiting confirmation]
Fixed a bug that could cause the “Extend Inventory” button to light up when the inventory was at max.
Fixed a problem where the Enhanced Buff was not appropriately applied when entering Bloodsalt Bay.
Added the Festival Icon to the Drenched Arena in the German client.
Adjusted instructions for upgrading the normal Hauler.
Adjusted description text to indicate the amount of Trade Pack slots in the Hauler’s upgrade scroll.

We'll also be disabling the cross server arena functionality due to the false AFK debuff bug. Arena will only work within each servers until we get the proper fix for this. The estimated duration for this downtime is 2 hours. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of the downtime. North American players, please do not play on the European servers until your servers are patched up during this maintenance. If you attempt to play on EU, the patcher will ask you to re-download the entire game. Thanks for your patience, and we can't wait to see you back in Erenor!

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