View Full Version : Property Permissions Need to Be More Customizable

12-29-2017, 06:05 AM
Right now we have 4 options for property:

Private (Only you can use it)
Family (Only family members can use it)
Guild (Only guild members can use it)
Public (Everyone from all factions can use it)

There are are far lower budget games that have property permissions systems that are way more customizable. With guilds being limited to 50 members only here in the near future here is how it SHOULD work.


1. Private
You only.
2. Limited:
Guild and family can be checked or unchecked in Limited. In other words you can have your guild, your family, or both since non-guildies can be in your family. Also in limited you can write in the names of players or guilds to add them to an oked list. Say you have a training guild for newbs affiliated to your guild, or a close allied guild. Add them to your permissions list and they can use that property.
3. Faction
Only members of your faction can use your property. However, say there is a player who always talks crap about you or a guild you really don't like. You can add them to an exceptions list to ban them from using your property.
4. Public
If for some reason you want to help enemy factions, you can go public and make your building available to all factions. Public still grants an exceptions list like faction including the ability to ban entire factions (Don't like the player nation, uncheck their box) from using it.

The reason for this is pretty simple. ArcheAge is a game of politics. You shouldn't be banned from helping your closest allies by giving them access to a guild tradesman without giving access to both reds and your most hated enemies within your own faction. It's your property. You paid for it. You own the land. The power should be in your hands.