View Full Version : BigDataDude: Metallic Auroran Crate & Lost Metallic Crate BUGGED or INTENDED!?!

01-02-2018, 05:50 AM
If comparatively the crates are 20 to 40g. And you increase the t2 by three times, this might lower their value by as much as half once people get enough. But the crates in Russia were 1gold each? So you'd need to increase the t2 drop rates by what 12 to equal the demand and value? So while very crudely estimating that they are going to give us a 6th, 16% of what we see in Russia, and you're telling us that were overlooking something, seems grossly inaccurate.If you could list off our other options to attaining the lunarite and the overall %s of wHow they are obtained and drop within the means of the game, perhaps we could examine that, have a better understanding and even further conversation about it.Thank you You can't compare economies of different regions by price. RU may think it is worth 1g to the players and in KR they may think its worth 5g and NA/EU 10g. It's player driven so there will always be differences.I also never said anything was being overlooked so I am not sure what I said was "grossly inaccurate." There is really no need to be so passive aggressive. This was what I thought was a positive step, if its not and I was wrong that's ok. Again, this was done on a Saturday so we could gauge what changes were made so far. Is it the last? I do not know.

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