View Full Version : Battle Pet [Captured Forest Spirit] is broken

01-09-2018, 10:00 AM
I got the Captured Forest Spirit out of the Christmas Present event and leveled him up to see what he can do. He can use only one of his two skills, self heal and isn't attacking.
Steps to Reproduce:
Get the Captured Forest Spirit, level him to lvl 40+ and send him to attack monsters or watch him cast his own version of "Ode to Recovery" .
Tested him out for 2 hours, he didn't do anything in the time.
Since he isn't attacking, he can't use his one supportive spell and can only self heal and deplete his mana the severity should be a 5.
System Specs:
I don't know what this will help but well:
Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 1070
Router/Modem idk
Additional Notes:
The Item doesn't even have a proper skill description. The "Ode to Recovery" hasn't have a time listed to it, and somehow it almost always casts when my character casts a spell while I did have the skill on autouse. And as already said the only thing visible is the same "Ode to Recovery" visual effect that songcrafters have.