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02-13-2018, 02:40 PM
Hello Adventurers, These are the February updates to ArcheAge. They are very much subject to change! We are currently confirming these changes before final release of them. Bloodsalt Bay – Scoring Change “It seems our efforts have had some effect. Even when her figurehead is broken in Bloodsalt Bay, Nui is keeping her hold on the lost souls…” Bloodsalt Bay is getting a shakeup! In order to keep the fighting fresh and teams evenly matched, the rules for losing points and souls when your ship is defeated have changed. Before: A destroyed ship would lose 100% of their points, and all of their lost souls would scatter in the arena. After: A destroyed ship will now lose 30% of their total points, while all of their lost souls will still scatter in the arena. Additionally, the ship that caused the destruction will be awarded 10 points for their kill. We expect these new rules to help promote fighting in the arena, as players will be rewarded with points after they destroy a ship. Plus, if you’re the unfortunate group that gets destroyed, you don’t have to worry about being immediately sent back down to the bottom of the pack. You’ll have a chance to catch up! Bloodsalt Bay – New Buffs “Dahuta is a mischievous goddess, after all. Of course there were hidden magics that we never expected…” If you’re breaking down walls looking for magic to empower your ship, keep an eye out for new buffs to appear in Bloodsalt Bay! These temporary enhancements can give you strong levels of protection, and increase your ship collision damage! Additionally, the “Ezi’s Pride” buff has been changed. It now features instant cast cannons, but it may cause certain sea monsters to become enraged by your presence. Be warned! General Changes • Added the new Valentine’s Day event, “Finding True Love.” Can you find the real Prince Yateo in this pile of fakers? (EDIT: Due to this being a time locked event, some of it is not able to be tested until that time occurs. What could be tested has been and all passed.) Bug Fixes • Fixed an issue that caused iron doors to sometimes not open in Burnt Castle Armory. (EDIT: We didn't receive enough info to test this properly. The testing revealed no issue, but without further information from XL regarding the source of it, we won't be able to check against that occurrence.) • Fixed an issue where you could score points by suicide in Bloodsalt Bay. • Fixed the map range of the Two Crown’s Ezi’s Light, where it was sometimes not displayed. • Fixed an issue in the Battle of the Golden Plains (Halcyona) where golems would attack the wrong target. (EDIT: We attempted to test this given reports about a plantable tree from Family quests creating a blockage. We were unable to plant enough to trigger the supposed issue this way. We'll continue to press XL for more info on how to reproduce this error.) • Crafting recipes that previously required a Dimensional Storage Chest now require Spacious Storage Chests & Advanced Furniture Collection designs. This should fix recipes that were previously uncraftable, such as the Joyride Vault. • Fixed an issue that caused Scrolls of Resurrection to be consumed on use.

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