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03-02-2018, 05:20 PM
I'm happy to sum it up for you. I'll be working on ways to use the forums to get Q&As out with a little more time between thread close and answer.Previously, the process was 'put the Q&A up, close it the day of the stream, answer later that day', but this resulted in a lot of non-answers, mostly "we'll check with XL", and it made it easier for answers to fall through the cracks. The livestreams themselves will be more dedicated to information, and trion creators. That being the plan, there will be fewer livestreams, but the ones we have will be more potent. Because we are moving towards 4.5, there will be a livestream that covers each of the main pillars of that version, as well as a Fresh Start based livestream to deliver as much information about those topics as possible within 40-50 minutes of live-time, with a follow up forum thread for questions that may arise. We'll be looking to our creator community for hosting as well as other content for us to spotlight on days we don't have information-focused livestreams. There also may be livestream days without streams or hosted content, but I'm hoping to minimize that as much as possible.

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