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03-09-2018, 06:13 PM
West Guild is looking for new recruits.

Join Society of Destructive Efforts if you're a new player, we have a very select group of individuals with high intellect, mush power, such power.
- Xoox is a very good cleric ...
- Wait, not a cleric !
- What are you doing xoox ??
- I'm actually a mage !
- But you can heal !
- Actually not ...
- Then we're screwed !
Saiko jumps in with AoE Mend
- I got your back bud !
Our guild leader saiko (Guild Leader) Xoox (Great Officer of the Water Bucket Wake up Squad)
provide the Island Guild Hall and soon a Fertilizer 28x28 in White Arden.
The one thing we value most, are the people who can go out of their way, to face a challenge with someone else in times of need. We are very focused in doing stuff in a group.
*Lext falls from a glider*
- But how can they apply to join our guild ??
- Just whisper or send a mail to Saiko:)