View Full Version : Since we have some school house items, why not a play ground?

03-10-2018, 05:18 PM
So we got that update of the school uniforms awhile back and got a few school house items, like desks, chairs the lockers and the chalkboard.

So I was telling my friend, it would be cool if we got some playground items. Like slides you can use and slide down, tiny play treehouses, merry go rounds, teeter horses you can sit on and wiggle around, see-saws. xD

I just think it would be fun if we could have some playground items you can play on. My friend and myself would love that.

03-11-2018, 04:16 PM
It'd be great if we could have more interactive items like those in ArcheAge. Most of the decor items are either static or have very simplistic animations (like rocking or glowing slightly). Perhaps it's a resource budget thing, but many of the items in ArcheAge that have a neat little function end up being really disappointing. Shadowguard Firework is a good example, takes an entire event to obtain, uses Gunpowder as mats, then just fires off one little glow into the air.