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03-22-2018, 04:10 PM
http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/6418531/febc1fff37d01e8938b644c3a8e905a87e1e850c.jpgDiscov er the secrets of summoning dragons (without razing your castle) in our first ArcheAge 4.5 – Legends Return preview.Mysterious hordes of corrupted creatures have begun to darken the lands of Erenor. But with the return of the ancient dragons, determined adventurers can raise their own fire-breathing mounts, fly out to battle their faction’s foes, and become the dragon-riding heroes of legend. Wield Intimidating PowerOnce you've raised your dragon you can take to the skies, search for a battle to join, or even just have it follow you around—menacingly—while you run errands. However, be warned: unlike most mounts, these ferocious beasts may not be unsummoned until combat has ended. These giant battle allies also serve as mounts that can carry you and a friend. Their abilities may be activated while mounted or walking along side it (with the exception of Dragon Flight).Dragon Flight - 5 minutes of true flight! You can gain altitude, and even use your other abilities while air born.Tempest Wings - Increases flying speed by +50% for 10 seconds.Wing Gale - Pushes enemies back 30 meters and the dragon's received damage is reduced by 50% for the duration. Dragon Roar - Knocks nearly everything within a 120m radius out of the air, and deals massive damage to summoned pets or mounts.(Doesn't affect other Dragons or Wyverns)Dragon's Breath - Each dragon has it's own breath weapon effect. It has 3 charges with a 30 second cooldown, and refreshes 1 charge every 8 hours.

Clinging Flame (Red Dragon Breath)

Deals siege damage over time and then explodes, damaging enemies within 5 meters.
Bonus damage vs buildings and vehicle parts.

Paralyzing Poison (Green Dragon Breath)

Deals damage and inflicts increasing slow each second.

Corrosive Acid (Black Dragon Breath)

Deals Siege Damage over time, and reduces Received Healing by 100%.
Deals bonus damage to buildings and vehicle parts.

Become a Dragon RiderIf you are willing to brave the ferocity of the Red Dragon, the enigmatic Daru will provide you a dragon heart to create your destructive mount.Defeat the Red Dragon and collect a rare item, the Dragon Heartshard, which you'll bring to a Daru Priest in Marianople, Austera, or Freedich Isle to begin the quest line. Turn in the Dragon Heartshard, along with other rare materials, to receive one of 3 types of Dragon's Hearts.The Red Dragon mount uses the Flamebeat Heart.The Green Dragon mount uses the Windsong Heart.The Black Dragon mount uses the Earthroar Heart.One of these Dragon's Hearts, combined with an Eternal Flame Scroll will allow the Dragon Trainer Daru to begin raising your fearsome dragon mount. To help the dragon regain its strength, you'll need to provide the Dragon Trainer Daru with a good many Magic Amplifiers.After a time, your dragon will be ready to claim, level up, and wreak havoc from the skies.Because this ancient creature is so powerful, after 30 days you'll need to rekindle it's loyalty with an Eternal Flame Scroll. After that, it’s back to the skies!Are you ready to summon your dragon? This is just a taste of what’s to come in Update 4.5: Legends Return, so make sure to join us next week for another deep dive into the update, and don’t miss out on the livestream this Friday at 1:30 PM PST!- The ArcheAge Team

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