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03-29-2018, 11:10 AM
Please hotpatch thisrefreshment is giving perma impale immunity, although it is not in the tooltip nor should be doing so. Additionally toughen which is suppose to give 10 sec impale immunity is giving none. Thank you. Plz fix.Shockingly, that appears to be intended. The current PTS text is outdated, but Impale immunity was moved from toughen to refreshment in a later version of the patch notes we received. As of right now, Defense users are 100% impale immune.
Fervent Healing (Vitalism) and Purge (Witchcraft) combo doesn't work correctly or the tooltip is wrong.Right now that combo only works if you have witchcraft tree yourself, doesn't work if someone else gives you the Purge buff. Ah theyve done that before. I'll change it to clarify that it must be your purge (similar to how holy bolt only combos with your bless), but we'll also follow up to make sure it's intended. ty!

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