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04-01-2018, 02:16 AM
Hello everybody!

I have an ambition to create an Eastern guild for any experienced but not really social player, called Solo Self Found, that will help people seek parties for PVE activities, guild or Family daily quests. With one really important note: It is NOT for slow people. Or those, who doesn't want to play on FS concentrated. This guild is meant to help organising party activities for those, who prefer solo gold raising and pvp style(or playing AA overall), but understand that some collaborating with others is still required (instances for example) and don't want to lose time in FS race due to grouping for instance with some stupid or noob or troll party member.

In this FS realities Dungeon Equipment is cheapest, most accesible and still pretty damn strong gear that you can find for first month of server. And to lose your daily Dungeon runs with someone who has no clue about tactics, got no game knowledge, etc is really bad idea.

Second thing, that can benefit you with joining our guild is that here you will be able to find some expirienced players, who need a Family for dailys or whatever else, but doesn't have company to do them as well as you. There is no limitations for grouping in the guild, you may found your constant buddys and leave then, no problems, this guild is like LFG Channel, where you know, that everyone (or the biggest part of players) are not really noobs, and you can trust in their game understanding at least a bit instead of global channels.

There will be no PVP help, no PVP demands on anyone in the guild, if you're getting ganked and some guild member running nearby, and don't help you -- don't get angry, this guild is not for helping each other, it is for profitable group actions that requires some coordination, nothing else. Ofcourse helping each other is good, and will be appreciated, but only if the person wants to help you. BTW ganking guild members is punishable by kick with no doubts.

You can do any solo activities you want, anytime, no requirements for collab with others at all, but if you want go solo only, and not run dungeons for example, why do you even need guild like this?

In conclusion i want to clearify ONE MAIN THING: THIS IS NOT chill guild for filling players, who play 1-2 hours a day and will reach 50 in week or two. Solo-friendly doesn't mean that we need useless people, who just want to sit around for guild buff or whatever (i think our buff wouldn't raise above 1 level in any close time after FS release). And this is because player cap at start will be 30 PEOPLE PER GUILD, so i want my guild be filled with people who is try harding, for themselves or anyone else, doesn't matter, but someone who prices group content high, planning to run it constantly, and keeping it high quality, not just "UH I ENTERD DUNG UH I DIED ILL LEAVE UH".

So how will everything go? Here's our rules. You can join guild anytime you want(only after it will be created), even if you are level 20, 30. In 3-4 days of FS going you need to be 50 level, both if you are in the guild allready or just want to join. For everyone who is under 50 at the end of 4th day i will PM you if you online, ask why are you underleveled, if the answer isn't really any realistic, and i will think that you're just don't tryhard i'll kick you to open slots for more concentrated players. No anger on me, no anger on you. I have no other interest in keeping this guild but only to have those players, who are really active, and if you had some troubles IRL for these several days -- it isn't a problem, but if you're just lazy we don't need you.

This is my first time creating a guild, yeah, you can say that "lel it wont work. lel." but i don't think that for guild with such purpose it is hard to maintain good quality of members in it. We don't need Raid Leaders, the players inside it is the only important thing, not even me. I wouldn't be rushing guild creation in first like 4-6 hours of FS, so don't worry to not find it in guilds list.

So if you liked my concept, and surely want to join, understanding that you are accepted the rules to have an Archeage experience and you're going to tryhard at the start of server i will appreciate if you write down below your future Nickname, online, and willing to help create a guild (currently i have only me and my friend, and guild creation requires 5 players in party at least, so i need 3 more at minimum to then start invite players much more easier). We have no discord or whatever else, and i think that it will be created if there will be some urgency in it.

My In Game Nick will be: Nerubarian, so you can whisper me directly and if you want to be in first 5 player group to create a guild leave additional note in comments, so i will whisper you and invite you when guild creating process will start.

04-01-2018, 10:26 AM
You are searching for "Tryhards" anyone who is what you label a "Tryhard" is going to be looking for a proper guild, not a "Looking for Group" guild.

If you count yourself a "Tryhard" would it not be best to find yourself a decent guild before they fill up instead of wasting your time in a throwaway guild?

04-01-2018, 12:16 PM
Well, i thought it is obvious, but okay, i can explain. Look, tryhard means that someone is seriously doing something, right? For example playing for 14-16 hours a day, without major breaks from game -- this is tryharding. And i will no-life play on FS, so that i can be better than others. But i don't like when my personal plans on growing my character/raising gold are interrupted by some Guild Leader, who is yelling in voice chat, that i HAVE to go on some useless raid, that is profitable mainly for him or his const. party, and NOT whole guild. Or i have to go and help him or whatever guy i don't care about with some gankers, but if i would be in trouble nobody will ever do anything for me. This is called waste of time, which in first 2-3 weeks of FS is crucial, and most top guilds are like this. They don't really care about you, but they will use you everytime they can. I played archeage for a couple years now, and i know, that serious raids are fun, but they ARE NOT in most case something that can help you progress your character. I don't want to play with some random people, whom i don't know IRL, i'm not social guy, but i have my goals, and i know that for reaching them i just need a group who knows about game a little bit, and who will be on the same level of progression as i am at some point of time (that's why i have my rules and requirements for joining). And for people who are similar to me i want to create usefull guild, which will benefit them at same level as mine. I'm not doing anything useless, i can see it clearly, if you don't understand it -- well it is your problem.

I'm not forcing anyone to join, and i'm not advertising guild like "WE WILL CONQUER THE SERVER COME JOIN THE TOP KILLER GUILD OMG" as many weirdos do, when it is clear that they will stuck and do nothing important on server. I have my own style of playing AA, and i'm creating some comfortable place for myself and for people like me.

04-01-2018, 12:51 PM
Hey Nerubarian, How many Players you have at the moment? :)

04-01-2018, 12:52 PM
Hard to imagine more useless guild that you tried to describe with your wall of text lmao

04-01-2018, 01:13 PM
Hey, Nerubarian If this doesn't turn out well, would you like to join the PVE guild on West?
parties for PVE activities, guild or Family daily quests

04-01-2018, 01:52 PM
No, I totally understand what you mean. You didn't need to explain it to me. In fact, it's you that doesn't understand the meaning of "Tryhard" Well.... you do to some degree but you are missing its meaning of a person of "low skill" but is trying to become something they normally cannot. Anyway! Don't get me wrong dude. I 100% agree with you on why you are making the guild. Top end guilds treat its members like dogs**t, they will use you so the leaders/officers get all the gain. I love the idea of your guild. I would have loved to join it myself if it wasn't just for Carebears. Best of luck to the guild though!

04-01-2018, 01:52 PM
Hello there, SabreWulf. I really appreciate your invite, but east is just so comfy for me, and i think it is better from economical perspective. So i will stay with kitties, and i think i will find from 6 to 10 people in a first day, and guild starting won't be a problem. Best of luck in the FS race :)

04-01-2018, 01:59 PM
Camosnide, oh, i think i have used the wrong word then :D. All that i meant with "tryhard" was just playing as hard as you can and as concentrated as it possible. Thx for understanding, good luck in bloody FS!

04-01-2018, 02:04 PM
Thanks! Though I'm more of the solo type. No guild for me unless I find one like yours that isn't PvE. The game has far too much PvP to just pass up.

04-01-2018, 02:15 PM
Well, i really like PVP aswell, but for MassPVP Mistmerrow and Halcyona is enough for me. Arenas and 1 on 1 or 1-2 on 1-2 world PvP, that's what i prefer. MassPVP is too messy for me, i can't play my favorite weird non-meta classes for it, and i don't want to roll some uninteresting things like AoE casters. That's why in first some days i'm gonna avoid much PVPing, while focusing on setting some economic ground for myself. And if you will need some party feel free to PM me in game, if you're gonna play for East) I can't say that i'm not enjoying PVP here at all, i just know that in first days PVP will be just wasting time, comparing to any activity that is getting your gear or gold or exp grow up.

04-01-2018, 02:57 PM
Yeah I get what you mean. Try and get ahead of the curve. I'll be doing the same. I'm going some form of healer. Not sure what yet. l'll be playing ALOT so I'm sure we can party up for some stuff! Do you know what build you will be doing yet?

04-01-2018, 10:08 PM
I think it will be a Stone Arrow, at least for first 2-3 weeks.