View Full Version : Conviction ***wts/trade Epic Ayanad Guards, Fully Gemmed with 3% Triple Slash ***wtb Epic Belt with 800 HP Revitalizing Cheer

05-08-2018, 03:12 AM
I previously made a thread here including some of this stuff, but since several things sold and some stuff was bought, I felt the title was misleading. I wish they allowed you to change a thread's title, but they don't so I am remaking it with the items that are left.

I have only 1 item I am selling now and 2 items I am looking to buy or trade for.

-Epic Ayanad Guards, fully gemmed with some old T3 gems they don't let you craft anymore. There used to be 2 versions of these special gems, one set for your belt and one for your guards. In 4.5 they removed the ones you could put on your guards, leaving only the ones for the belt. The guards I am selling here have 4 of those old gems slotted. These are the T3 ones for Battlerage and gives 3% each to Basic Triple Slash, for a total of 12% more dmg with all 4.

-Epic Belt, fully gemmed with the old T3 gems for 800 HP to Revitalizing Cheer. This is more about the gems than the belt, so the belt can be Epherium, Delphinad or Ayanad, doesn't matter too much. The important part is that it has these gems and that it is Epic. I used to have a belt like this, but sold it when I thought i was gonna change specs. I currently have a belt with the 600 HP ones, but looking to get back to 800. I am looking to either buy this, or trade for the fully gemmed guards I have.
-Epic Obsidian Magic Shield. This one I am only looking to trade for, not to buy. I only want the v2 version of this, the magic shield. If tier 6, I will trade directly for the gemmed guards I have. If tier 1-5, you will need to add some gold inbetween.

Contact me ingame on Apex or here on the forum if interested and let's talk. I am currently on Conviction, but if the server transfers ever come back up, I might end up elsewhere for a while.

The guards I'm selling:

05-10-2018, 04:52 AM
still selling/trading

05-18-2018, 05:01 AM
still selling/trading