View Full Version : Kraken WTS parcels halcy

05-10-2018, 01:06 AM
https://i.imgur.com/nbBDPQJ.jpg price 3.8k certificate

https://i.imgur.com/rzwUBSn.jpg price 2.5k certificate

https://i.imgur.com/8fkdvmV.jpg price 4.5k certificate

https://i.imgur.com/TbA2E28.jpg price 4.5k certificate

if you are interested in any message, mailbox zangeetsu or Kiingros

left the game the situation every day is worse
move pack every day is more risky, in my case I used to move with tenision penalties cogia peace halcy, because of my schedule, it is much difference, between 6 and 4 h.
do not stop arriving, more allies, the pvp is dead, ami was what I like pvp, there was something copetencia but no longer and to be all day sitting watching game, unable to do anything I prefer to leave game, so I sell them