View Full Version : Quillodon: 300 Hiram mobs killed - 0 Hiram Drops

05-18-2018, 12:20 PM
I've been lucky, also grinded for 4-5 hours but not in a war zone and with no loot buff and got 29 total, just enough to make it to heroic.What I haven't been lucky on is the stat. Had 2/3 I wanted at the start and got 2/3 now still. If that last stat won't change to something decent, all that effort will have been for nothing :( The ratio of experience-spent to experience-returned is actually pretty solid (75-85% depending on grade) when you use a higher-grade Hiram item as a mat. So even if your item doesnt roll what you want, you always have the option of waiting until you find/make a lower-grade one that DOES have the stats you want, and then feeding it your old item to raise it super quickly.Also, for people who are intent on getting very specific rolls, I highly recommend looking into "arcane recycling." It works something like this:1) Find a Grand of your type with at least one stat you like.2) Your Grand + any Arcane + any Grand = ROLL, get a Rare at 87% exp3) Your 87% Rare + any Grand + any Grand = ROLL, get an Arcane 4) didnt get the rolls you wanted? Now you have a spare Arcane. Return to step 1Works for 1H and 2H weapons, but i havent tried it for armors yet. This will of course slow you down vs people who are just raising their items with less-than-optimal-stats, but its the most efficient way i can see to get the maximum number of rolls per items found. So if "perfect roll" items are what you're all about, i'm thinkin' it'll be handy.Hope that helps!-Quill

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