View Full Version : Muzzy: Hiram Gear drop rate survey

05-24-2018, 12:40 PM
Hey everyone,We've been keeping up with this thread and wanted to wait a bit to see how the hiram gear grind has panned out before responding. We've been looking at the rate of collection and it is on par with the drop rate. We realize that the complaint is that the drop rate is too low, however, we were able to get a drop rate higher than Korea, so there will have to be some more time spent watching the results to see if there is a solid argument for altering it. We have seen the discussion swing both ways :(it's fine, it should be this hard - it's too low, i can't gear up as effectively as I can with crafted gearand also(i've gotten so few pieces - i've got a celestial, unique, and more already) I saw a comment about measuring the drop rate in gear/hour is not accurate and should be measured in gear/mob killed. Measuring by gear/mob kill is a much more accurate way to assess the drop rate, as different ability sets and levels will affect the time to kill a mob, which is, after all, the trigger for a piece of gear being dropped. We also understand that, because of this, the rate of collection differs between legacy and fresh start servers. We are including that in our considerations when delivering information to XL.The feedback in this thread is collected and delivered to XL, along with collected drop data, for them to make the decision - keep the drop rate, or alter it up/down.

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