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06-04-2018, 04:36 PM
Hiya:P Like the title says, I've got a Leg Ayanad Earth Longspear I would like to trade for something else... it has a peeeerfect 118% temper and gemmed with some T1 crit dmg gems. I also think spears have the best hidden passive, so all in all this is an awesome weapon. The reason I want something else is because after Trion change the default accuracy down from 90% to 85, I no longer have 100, so I find myself missing... I need a weapon with STRENGTH to get to 100%, which is why I wanna trade.

What I am interested in are as following:
Legendary Ayanad Greatsword - Desert or Flame
Legendary Ayanad Nodachi - Flame
Legendary Greataxe - Desert or Flame
Legendary RD Nodachi
Legendary T7 Obsidian - Greatsword, Nodachi or Greataxe

They Ayanads would need to have a similar temper and gemming, the RD Nodachi not so since it has an effect to it, so I can forego of the temper and gemming against getting that effect.... and the same with a T7 weapon, no gems or temper needed. I have seen plenty of them go for 40-50k on AH the last few months, all weapons except shields and bows. AH is flooded with them and Leg Ayanad weapons seem to cost the same when I check AH, so I consider it fair. You don't have to agree ofc though, no worries.

Contact me ingame on Apex or here on the forum if interested. I play on Conviction.

Screen of the Longspear

06-08-2018, 10:49 AM
still looking to trade