View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: No, you can't have my gear for your alt.

07-18-2018, 06:00 PM
Going to miss having you here at work, my friend. It has truly been an honor to see your professional growth over these years, but it's been more of an honor to get to know you and see just how truly passionate you are for gaming. Sitting down and getting to play some kick ♥♥♥ games with you at PAX, or even in the meeting rooms when I'm out to visit in the main office has been a true treat.For our community, Muzzy fought for you guys tooth and nail. His insights were great, he was truly dedicated to the players and community, and he always wanted to make our game better. Always. Not a day passed when he wasn't shooting me or Tinen a question, or a concern, or a thread for us to read, or a discord chat for us to drop by in.You're going to do awesome at your next opportunity, and at least I get to see you at PAX South. :)Now Linda, on the other hand, well, dat Dwarf is ready to rock. ^_^ A seasoned lady from some of the classics in our industry, and the heart of a fan through and through. Also I have to say nice things because she's my former boss, she knows where I live, and she owes my wife a goat. ;) (I kid, Linda is awesome.)

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