View Full Version : Island Housing

10-25-2018, 06:01 PM
I have sailed to many islands and tried to put down a house on a plot of land.

How does a person or family or guild go about this?

What dimensions of the house is required?

What do I have to buy to get this done?

I have searched the internet, and have come to nothing, in regards to this.

In the fresh-start server.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

10-25-2018, 06:25 PM
all housing must be placing within marked zones. if you have a housing design right clicked, you will see the housing area border area like little wooden pegs. as long as there is enough free space to place your design within this area without any collision or overlap, youll be able to place it.

you will to buy or earn a house design. they come in different sizes. 8x8 is the smallest, 16x16, 24x24, 28x28, 44x44 are the design sizes. there are many types, from open fields to large ornate mansions. you will need to earn gilda stars from missions and achievements and trade runs to earn a design, or buy one from a player in a trade you work out. they are also usually for sale on the auction house.

you will need enough taxes to place it. go to archeagetools.com to see a tax calculator.