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10-27-2018, 02:55 AM

About us:
We Decided us to Create a Guild because we have our own Visions of the Guild life and what we want to Archiev.We want with you to get Reach our Targets Togehter.We have some Experience in Another MMO´s.We are new in Archeage and wanted with your help to get a Community.

Why Divine?
I Want to Build a Community where is it Fun to come Online and Play Togehter with our Guildmates.And we Stand together for the Things we Like.Its our Hobby to Gaming.

But does is it not in every Guild?
possible,but the charging of most of the Leaders are to lead as Solo Person.We wanted to do something else where are Members are Equal each anothers.They Bring ideas and Wishes what we should do and how we do it.We want to bring near the Gamers behind the PC the Community.

Whats Requierments?
You should in the Spirit reach the Age of Adults.You should say what you like and whats you wanna to Change.Because we play and Stand for the same Banner.

What you wanna Reach?
Togehter with the Members , we wanna Build a Community for Gaming Games like Archeage.Maybe we find some Friends and playing in the Future together another Games..who knows.
We want to do at beginn PvE and do little events together.Make Dungeons runs,Farm Hiram together and find Stuff out whats Archeage Brings with it.

What you dont like?
We dont want just a Hello and Bye in chat, its can be aswell a What you make and can i join?
We have the same Hobby,gaming and we wanna to get it well.

Whats important?
Important is Discord , you dont need a Mic.Im not a Good English Speaker aswell.But its should be the feeling that we can Connect without Archeage and Ask questions.We are just Fresh out of the Box.And we dont know whats the Future brings to us.If we found new Members or noone wanna join.Time will Tell.We dont care about Free 2 player or Patron by us you are Equal.I would like to see you more than 5minutes after joining.We will filter after time the Alternativ charakters and the Mains.

We are happy to hear from you Ingame or with pm here.We are Open to Answer Questions about us.We are positiv motivated to get the Thing going on.
We have a Guildtab open , and you always whisper to one of us.

Best Regrats , Smile

10-31-2018, 03:00 AM
I correct the missing fact that we playing on EZI on Nuian.We are happy to see you around.

10-31-2018, 01:09 PM
can my alts join your guild?

11-02-2018, 12:12 PM
I dont know how to contact a guild. I played years ago. Now I have this one toon. I started over. I play daily. I am an old retired guy who likes support, Im not a good fighter but I like gathering crafting , etc. Please mail me in game - name is Kittyeater

11-02-2018, 07:02 PM
kittyeater is an alt

11-03-2018, 12:55 PM
its pointless for me , im screwed