View Full Version : [Nui] [Dwarf] LF Guild

03-27-2019, 03:06 PM
Hai, Let me start off by saying Im 100% Fresh Meat..I played maybe a week back when the game 1st went live but moved shortly after and couldn't pick it up again until now.

I play a Dwarf Shadehunter I pretty much have no clue what I am doing so I run around questing. I'm not trying to be the best or care too, I just like to do something with my time. Let me explain.

Things about me-

I dont talk much
I like collecting stuff..I horde pretty much everything.
I like crafting.

My Ideal goal is to just spend time collecting stuff and making stuff. Just my playstyle.

So if you're interested in having my derp face Please send me a mgs in game. Name is Niffin.

Thank you.