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03-29-2019, 02:20 PM
Heya, There have been some questions about why it is possible to update the Marketplace every week but not fix specific bugs that occurred, for example, the vehicle spawning issue on Taris. We felt like we need to clarify that and what we as CM's / Publishers actually do. Marketplace updates can be delivered at every time by the publisher, as long as the file with the updates exists. This means that we just need to update a single function of the game, which does not touch the code, and the marketplace update is done. But there is a difference between the marketplace updates and the way bugs are fixed in-game. Just to understand it we are showing you the route which an issue in-game takes until it is being solved. Player Report via Forum/Ticket -> QA team investigates -> Reports it to the Developers and Producers -> Developers will investigate the issue -> Developer provides build with a fix -> Producers plan maintenance to deploy the fix -> Should be fixed. These steps can vary, as each bug has their own needs for QA and developers sometimes need additional information to look into how or why a bug has occurred. For example, the vehicle issue that occurred: For the Community it may seem like the answer to the issue is as simple as a server restart or a copy and paste of code, but sometimes this isn't the case. The Developers look into why the issue is happening, why the issue is only occurring on one server, and how they can fix it to prevent future issues like this occurring again. While the issue seems like it could be a simple fix, it could potential break other aspects of the game.

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