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04-08-2019, 02:50 AM
Greetings ArcheAge Community, Our team comes here to first of all apologize about the lengthy waiting time regarding tickets. At this time there is still an extensive back-log of various requests yet to be addressed. We know you have been feeling discouraged and even though we have been working very hard to solve all issues in a reasonable time, there are some tickets like transfer requests and item restorations that take a long time to be fully resolved as they are more complex in comparison to other kinds of tickets. In order to assist everyone more efficiently, we will need your support. We would like to take the opportunity at this point in time, to inquire once more if your issue is still ongoing as well as if there have been any updates from your side pertaining to your ticket. We will update all tickets from before March 15th (03/15/2019) so please update your tickets if they still need solving, otherwise they will close automatically in 3 days and if the issue is no longer affecting you, please donít update it. This decision was not made easily, but we have seen that there are several duplicated tickets about the same issues that we must then first filter through in order to get to new requests. We want to make sure that we can work as effectively as possible on the tickets that need our attention and so have increased resources to solve the tickets in the upcoming weeks. We understand that the situation itself is frustrating and for that we would like to thank you for staying with us during this complicated time. Please know that we shall push ourselves to better our practices every day and that we shall thoroughly investigate every request that we receive. Kind regards, The ArcheAge Team

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