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04-23-2019, 08:00 AM
Greetings everyone,In many threads, we had huge discussions about alts and how to behave with those.We've read a lot of suggestions/recommendations related to it and we want to thank you for all of those ideas. We sincerely appreciate that!With the maintenance of April 24th, we introduce the gear score requirement which was already having an effect in Korea.We think that this is the right step in reducing the number of alts which you will face and improving the experience you will have in these instances.We ask you to participate in these instances and tell us if those changes are having an effect on your server.As you are writing up your feedback, we would appreciate this information:

We would like to know your honest thoughts about it but in a constructive manner.As an additional side note:We are deleting posts which are not related to the topic OR are just meant to disrupt the conversation!We already want to thank you in advance.~The ArcheAge Team

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