View Full Version : Im not paying for a vpn, help me please! T-T

05-01-2019, 06:40 PM
Hello, i started a ticket +1 week ago, telling that i got banned ip for connecting with a lots of my accounts, i cant get in my acc on the website , on the forums and even on the game, i cant really do nothing. I downloaded a lot of VPN's and had only free trial hours/days and a lot of them gave tons of lag ingame. The reason why i open another post is because the vpn that im using now will end soon and im not going to pay a vpn to play this game when i did nothing bad to get banned ip. I think you should give more attention to some tickets than others. Thank you.

- https://gyazo.com/587e9931c1837f2c57ab5ed19bb8103a