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05-13-2019, 03:00 PM
Greetings, testers! The ArcheAge team has been working on the current stability and server issues on our EU servers for the past few weeks. While we have eliminated the major lag spikes that were plaguing the service, there is still an underlying base latency which we are working to further improve to provide a better experience to all of you. As part of this, we have continued to work on hardware configurations in our internal test environments. There is unfortunately a difference between a test environment like this, and a live environment, as there is no player load on those test environments. Based upon this, we are going to be spinning up another test world on PTS - this is a copy of Jakar from 5 days ago, complete with all character data captured at that point. This data is only being used for this test and the live world will not be affected by it. Once this test is completed, we will be removing the world from PTS, and progression made here will not carry over to the live world. We are opening this up to players to stress the new changes we've made, to see if these changes are something we can move over to the live environment to improve the current state of those servers. There are no guided activities planned for this test, beyond getting players in game to put additional stress on the servers. We'd like any of you EU players, as well as NA players with characters on this server, to hop on and try to play normally, participate in standard questing and events, and provide us feedback on how things respond compared to the live version of Jakar. This test will begin tonight and run through tomorrow afternoon, which should give players from both regions a chance to get onto the test server. During this test, the marketplace will be disabled on PTS - as this specific world will not be kept past this specific testing period. I will update this post when the test world is available.

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