View Full Version : Fishing is bugged since the last update!!!

06-22-2019, 12:00 AM
Since the last patch I can't fish. Each time I try to the fish goes out of range, I get the message as if I would have caught it and the xp, and lose the labor. It returns after a while then it goes away again this time for good.

06-22-2019, 01:56 AM
Edit: Nevermind - what I wrote before was a little bit different.

06-22-2019, 11:10 AM
Looks like today fishing returned to normal. But there's def smth wrong...

06-26-2019, 03:24 AM
Alright thanks to Davy I got it sorted. If you go AFK and you get the AWAY status while on the boat, you'll get the bug once you start fishing. To fix this you need to relog and avoid being away. Hope this helps other people who have the same issue.