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07-12-2019, 12:00 PM
Hello Erenorians,As many of you have already seen in the Korean version, the territory siege system is going to be revamped and this change will also be applied to the NA and EU regions. With the Echoes of Hiram update we have already stated that player nations can no longer be declared or created. Unfortunately, there are more changes coming along with the revamp of the siege system. With the July Update, currently targeted for July 24th, the housing areas of Sungold Fields, Heedmar, Exeloch, Nuimari, Marcala and Calmlands need to be removed. We know that a lot of you who have their houses in these regions will lose their beloved and nicely decorated homes. This decision was not easy, however, this change is mandatory to progress towards the new siege system. We assure you that there will be compensation for all existing housing owners that are losing their homes and we are currently preparing everything so the affected players who have already built a house there receive the compensation with the demolishing of their houses. The complete compensation list is still in discussion, but it will definitely include prepayed taxes, decoration limit increases together with the normal demolition via mail. In preparation for this change we are asking you to avoid building any additional housing items that would be lost like e.g. adding a Mining Drill shortly before the maintenance. As we cannot send you a compensation for these items. Additionally, existing Player Nations will be in the state of Pending Collapse. We understand that itís very frustrating for the Player Nations to lose their castles and land. Therefore, a Territory Statue Scroll will be provided to the Sovereign of each Player Nation, so that they can at least have the faction statue buff. This scroll will be available until the new siege system will be implemented which is currently targeted to be end of September. Lordís Coins cannot be obtained anymore. Recipes that required Lord's Coins are going to be adjusted and will use Dragon Essence Stabilizers instead which will match the Fresh Start recipes. With the siege revamp targeted for September players can exchange the Lordís Coin for new Territory Coins. Territory Coins can be acquired by the ruling faction. Since there are plenty of changes coming up, the team would love for you all to share your feedback about them.Thank you,~The ArcheAge Team

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