View Full Version : Returning player, account hacked question. *ADMIN*

08-28-2019, 07:18 PM
Hello, I recently returned to the game after roughly a two year break. I logged on hoping to start grinding hiram gear and re-learning the game, however I logged on at the start zone with 18 silver and everything in my inventory (including my gear) that could be listed on the auction house was gone. I'm 99% sure I was hacked. I've had a support ticket in for 5-6 days under the account issues section. In the FAQ section it says to put it under the "hacked accounts" section. I was wondering where can I find this section. It doesn't show up anywhere for me. Also, how long does it usually take to get a ticket answered? I haven't played in awhile so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

And if by chance any admin or person that handles tickets sees this thread and wishes to help this is the support ticket ID # 1260979. Thank you very much guys, hopefully I can get to playing again!

08-29-2019, 02:04 PM
Hey Sosa Just a little info. Tickets can take a long time to be worked on. I would say 10-14 days miniumum sometimes. and others have waited months.
For example i came back in April was locked out of Glyph from password put in too many times. IP was blocked. It took 13 days to resolve my ticket.