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10-16-2019, 09:10 AM
UPDATE 16 Oct 2019 @9:00am PDT: The teams at gamigo and XLGames worked through the evening to address the issues with the Steam version of ArcheAge: Unchained. While significant progress was made to resolve the item delivery issues, we continue to experience problems with enabling the Steam Wallet, a mandatory requirement to release the product on Steam. The main challenge here was that additional client builds are required to resolve the issue and our build/transfer times are considerable. We attempted to provide fixes that didn’t require a new client version but ultimately, they were not successful.We feel strongly about releasing on Steam free of these issues and very regretfully must delay further. As a result, we’re re-targeting official release for Thursday, 17th Oct at 11:00am PDT. Steam Frequently Asked Questions:When Steam is released, will we be able to play on any server in our region?Yes. However, some higher population servers may be locked for character creation at that time. Technically, there are no hard restrictions around what server a Steam player may access other than the region-based requirements. The main challenge here is that players on an existing world will have progressed, and in some cases be more prepared due to the additional play time.Will you provide an opportunity for Steam players to begin on equal footing?Yes. We have reserved additional world server(s) to be simultaneously opened with Steam. The recently released worlds NA-Kaylin and EU-Tinnereph were added to support the initial ArcheAge: Unchained Glyph release and are not the servers we have in reserve. The Steam-suggested servers will not have the Founders character reservation process enabled and will be the 5th added servers for NA and EU.

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