View Full Version : Mobi: Regarding Diligence Coins while ArchePass is Disabled - Oct 30

11-06-2019, 07:40 AM
Hi everyone, Earlier this week, we announced that a grant of 300 diligence coins would be sent out via a claim available for all accounts in the marketplace. That announcement was met with a good deal of feedback, negative and positive. In light of this feedback, we've gone back to the XLGames team to further solidify a way to provide needed diligence coins for gameplay progression. Next week (date to be announced), we plan to add a claimable crate in the marketplace that contains 45 diligence coins and 7 bound labor rechargers, which can only be used by characters level 40+. This will be available as a free claim once per account. This change has been made to prevent a massive sudden influx of diligence coins and all of the associated items that could be purchased with those. We will evaluate the need to add this crate for each week that the ArchePass is disabled. For this week, we are working on a grant of these items to accounts with a character that was level 40 or higher as of 10am PDT on Monday 10/28, to be claimed through the account management page. Once that is available, we will provide an update letting everyone know where to claim it and how.Look for future announcements on our social channels, and thanks for sharing your feedback.~The ArcheAge Team

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