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11-25-2019, 08:00 AM
Dear customer service,
I have an issue of the utmost importance.
The bug on my account is the most severe one you can have on the legacy server:
Even though I have patron on the website, I do not get the patron buff in the game.
Without it I cannot pay taxes. That's why my properties are about to be demolished (5 days left). I also cannot play the game the way I should be able to because I am missing out on labor generation as well as anything else that is patron related.

I already tried several steps in solving this problem.
(1) I created a ticket 10 days ago (last activity 10 days ago) - ticket number: #1347382
(2) I created several posts in the "Patron Issue" thread
(3) I bought an item in the shop (in case there is a connectivity problem between my account and the data center like some people had in AAU which was bypassed with the 1 credit hereafterstone)
(4) I renewed my patron status on the website using credits

None of the above helped solve this issue in any way.

Now I am here, anxiously hoping for CM/GM to help me.

This bug forced me to sort through my thousands of bound and unbound items, to delete items I kept for memory's sake, and to choose some bound items over others based on their possible value in the future. As a collector of all sorts of items (almost like a hoarder) I had a really bad time; but it was necessary or I would risk losing the items that are most precious to me. Unlike unbound items which could be put into alts' chests and inventories, bound items were a real issue: I have all inventory chests I need (furniture, mounts, gliders, battle pets, vehicles) and upgraded them to 50 slots; my maxxed out inventory and warehouse are full and there are still some items in otherworld storage chests I couldn't make myself delete yet.

I don't expect any compensation. All I want is for the game to work again.

And I am not alone with this issue. In the "Patron Issue" thread you can find more people who suffer the same fate.
Please, Gamigo, help us.

My posts in the "Patron Issue" thread so far:

No patron status in the game, but 12 days remaining on the website

Server: Taris
Char name: Turambar
Renewal Date: Oct 27, 2019

Ticket: #1347382

no patron for: 4 days
remaining patron time according to the website: 8 days
properties demolition in: 11 days

properties to be demolished:
1 Spired Chateau
1 Fellowship Plaza
1 Armorer's Villa
1 Improved Solar Pavilion Farm
1 Improved Lunar Pavilion Farm
1 Stellar Scarecrow Farm
1 Lunar Scarecrow Garden
1 Solar Scarecrow Garden

The problem persists.
I tried the same steps as Aliyshia and have the same (non-existant) results.

I am starting to prepare for the worst.

It would be nice if a CM or someone else from the team could help us out here to get a faster result because it really is urgent.

11-25-2019, 12:40 PM

11-26-2019, 06:38 AM

Edit: I suddenly have patron again. No idea if the CS was involved because the ticket is still open with "last activity 11 days ago" or if it somehow fixed itself on its own.

Anyway. I am just happy that my patron status is back.
*Prepays all buildings to max from now on in case the bug comes back*