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09-05-2014, 09:20 AM
Hi all,

I'm a seasoned MMO player (probably like a lot of people coming to this game), and now in my life I have a wife and kid so I can at most play in a casual manner. My question as an introduction is - can I do well in this economy you think as a casual? I have some dispensable income, but I'm not going to pay $40-50 a month to succeed and enjoy a game when I can just pay $15-20 a month elsewhere.

I'm trying the open beta and so far I'm liking it, although I've run into a couple of snags as well.
1) Game loads up horribly slow or makes you wonder if it's loading at all. It's not my computer specs or settings. I've enabled it through firewall and antivirus, gave it admin privileges - just something needs to be done about it's loading it looks like.
2) Some things are a bit confusing, and I wonder if f2p can accomplish them at all during the beginning quest levels - primarily talking about being on a quest called "Archeum isis" or something like that where I have to get some dried flowers, plant something er rather w/ an H title & have a scarecrow license.

So do you all think $15-20/month for this game will give a decent experience to do "well" (not expecting to be the best or even close) in this game and able to enjoy it? I plan mostly to PVE (and craft), but depends on the guild I would find.

09-05-2014, 09:29 AM
This game is not Pay 2 Play or P2W . It's Play to Win . Spend time and you will become hell better than any of those handles ones that actually spend all those $ .

09-05-2014, 10:19 AM
This game is not Pay 2 Play or P2W . It's Play to Win . Spend time and you will become hell better than any of those handles ones that actually spend all those $ .

Besides your broken English (I'm not hatin'), finally someone I can agree with.

As far as the planting quests, there are "public" farms. You can always ask some one to use theirs as well, though they may charge you.

There is a lot of hype, many people. Public farms will be sketchy for a bit. Come back to those quests later.

Either way: you'll do fine in this game. It gives you what you put out, so the more you play the more you'll get. You'll achieve the same as most others, you'll just do it a tad slower.

09-05-2014, 10:23 AM
If you plan to spend money to be a patron, it will have a huge impact. Especially on your LP regen and loyalty coins. That is the question about money.

As for your question about being casual, most mmo will reward players that play more than the others. There is always the exceptional situation where a group of people will run you thru stuff/ provude you with items that your casual playtime don't allow you to gather.

If you plan to mostly pve, you won't have a problem since you will not be competing agains' t people. This game is pvp based and asside from safe zones, pvp will happen to you and you are more than likely to lose.

If you do find a guild that do loys of events, even as a casual you should be fine with them doing trade runs and what not.

09-05-2014, 11:19 AM
Thanks all for your replies. I'll keep them in mind, and the info really helps. The LP regen from what I already have experienced is a consideration - it's horribly slow online as a f2p when you have so many things to spend it on without even beginning to officially gather for crafting or craft itself. And I'm aware of the PVP aspects - this just seems like a more friendly game towards PVE players than a lot of other sandboxes out there currently. In fact I would wonder why die-hard pvp players would choose this game above others out there, but that's for them to decide.

So far what I'm gathering is that if I become a patron and don't play a lot, I could at least rent usage of my house and land to someone that's f2p - that's an interesting trade-off besides the extra LP's gathering up in and out of game. I'm going to continue to evaluate my experience on Open Beta before I decide to buy and invest in this game (I know you can do it f2p). If it's worth my time I'll consider it worth my money too.

Meanwhile, if anyone sees my handle in-game ("Gershie") don't hesitate to say hi or ask for a group. ;-) I'll see you all in game, hopefully for a longer rather than shorter period if I continue to enjoy it all.

Anybody know if they plan to do any offline integration like for the AH or anything?

09-05-2014, 11:40 AM
They aren't planning to do anything like that, however this game can be played perfectly as a casual player. Just check my signature ;)

09-05-2014, 12:48 PM
Thanks Binary! If the ping / connection weren't so bad to foreign servers usually I wouldn't mind joining you all. I'm in the US on the East coast. I'll bookmark you all though. :-)