View Full Version : Can anyone shed light in Archeage Player HP vs NPC HP and how to increase stats.

04-22-2014, 02:27 PM
So a big grievance I have with MMOs is when it comes to npcs that share the same race as the player character but having for example 100k health when you have 10k or less. I feel this is such a cheap way of making them harder to kill but also it breaks immersion so fast instead of making them have real abilities and tactics that player have to counter instead of just lowering HP.

1 - So is this present in archeage, do npc combat focus less on HP and more on tactics(not matter if scripted) by the NPC? *I agree that a giant monster has to have more health than you*

Another thing I always wonder about is why eating food or drinking plays no major role in improving your character stats, in real life food plays a big role in your health, in my opinion it should be required to eat every 4-8 hours of ingame play time, part of that food buff would then be added to your player character of course you could not die from eating but keeping a good streak in consuming food would significantly boost your stats.

Also in terms of macro economy this would help reduce inflation while money change hands faster and in terms of other game mechanics would be improved suddenly sieges could really affect the performance of the defender and going into an adventure to a distant land require gathering supplies.

2 - Is food necessary in a daily basis or a simply buff for combat or crafting session?

I wish in some aspects MMOs had some features like the sims game have especially when it comes to character progression and improvement, like doing sports/running/swiming/jumping/fighting/lifting weights and other exercises would improve your strength among other similar mechanics.