View Full Version : Error 2028 :(

The Paladino
09-11-2014, 06:48 PM
Hello, can someone give me a hand? is that, since yesterday, I had no trouble getting dowload game (ArcheAge beta), however, this morning, to a 5:30, I was inside the client's glyph, and go out, when I go out again update the game, start to show "you do not have the right entitlements to play this game" and I thought it was only an occasional mistake, as had already happened once, however, when I returned from school the afternoon, the error still, I waited until tonight, and the error continues, I am not the founder, the error only happens to me? and problem with my client or with the game is it? (as it is head-start) if they can help me thank you very much, good night