View Full Version : issues launching the game archeage

09-12-2014, 11:59 AM
I've seen previous posts of people having issues similar to mine and I've tried all of the suggested 'solutions' to no avail and I don't know what else to do.. I can open the glyph client just fine, I click on the big red play button for archeage then the logo for hackshield appears but nothing else happens.. the pretty green archeage spalsh is behind it but nothing progresses at all (image below of what I'm getting).. as suggested I went into the folder to manually update hackshield, restarted computer and still the same issue.. I have two firewalls and one is disabled while the other is set to medium and set to allow glyph.. I really don't want to reinstall the game, mainly because it takes forever but also because others have reported it didn't do any good.. any other suggestions? or did I just waste $50 for nothing *sigh*