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09-12-2014, 09:50 PM
UPDATE 2: The team has been busy addressing the following Head Start issues.

The bug duplicating untradable Founder's Pack perks has been resolved. We will be making sure that the first six characters of each account gets its intended Founder's Pack perks.
We're exploring why some Founders got the wrong Founder's Chest for their tier and will be correcting any grants that were of tiers lower than were purchased.
Founders who are missing their Patron status or other perks need to refresh their account simply by logging out and back in to the game. Since there is a queue on some servers, a Marketplace purchase (for instance, an inventory expansion scroll) will have the same effect as it resyncs your account with our database.
The Archeum and Gold Founder's Packs did not contain the titles of the tiers below them. We will rectify this.
Most of the servers no longer have a queue. Some servers are more popular than others. For most of today, there has been at least one server in each region with no queue.
We're closely monitoring the population of the servers and are considering adding more during Head Start. The reason we haven't yet is that there was an anticipated spike in population at the beginning of Head Start which is now subsiding.
We're investigating an issue with Hackshield that causes a game crash and a Support Center page to load in your browser.
A grace period for crashes or other disconnects will be introduced to the queuing system. When implemented, this will allow players a five minute window to rejoin the server without having to enter the login queue.

We're continuing to work through the weekend on these and other issues. Thanks for your patience!

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