View Full Version : ArcheFail

09-13-2014, 01:30 AM
So my problem is simple. I can't change the screen from windowed to full screen.
I can't find the option menu even when i press escape.

I use Glyph as launcher, so yeah when i log in, it directs me to the server select screen.
NO OPTION MENU to change my screen resolution and setting.

I have tried:
2x reinstalling
disabled firewall, antivirus (eset)
Run as admin ( properties )
disabled all windows application (win+R > msconfig .. . .)
Run in compatibility mode
lowered my Resolution setting
maximized my resolution setting|
Downloaded DirectX 11 (only to find out later on when i checked i am already using it)
read all FAQ's and technical issues threads,
messaged an anonymous person asking for help.... ( yes i am that desperate for help because when you go to costumer support, they will just send you an email saying - your question/issue has been accepted we will contact you asap, livechat isn't working)

so yeah, i paid $150 for me to be frustrated for 7hrs now.