View Full Version : Hello people, nice guy here based in Italy!

03-23-2014, 02:35 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm writing from Italy. This game got my attention long ago, so when I heard official forums were officially live... Wow! I immediately came here :D

So let me share my excitement for this game with you!
My actual rig is quite old (it's a laptop :P ), so I hope I will be able to run the game decently. I saw some videos done with rigs worse than mine, so maybe I'm hopeful. Talkng about videos, I'm watching this just now...


If you still didn't watch that I advise you to take your time and do it! :D

I'm also more than eager to make friends of any age, nationality and sex, so feel free to drop me a PM! I will try to answer as soon as possible and we can start a great friendship!

Thanks for reading guys!
Have a nice day :)