View Full Version : Scapes: DEVS: Timetable on giving the Founder perks to EU players ?

09-13-2014, 03:50 PM
1:- Every US streamer i've watched so far has received 1 or MULTIPLE founder packs (None yet on EU)2:- A US streamer seems to hold together a stream of gameplay for a good session (On EU we get frequent freezes and drops for no reason I've watched a streamer drown on the beach???)3:- All servers seem more stable during US operating hours... Indicating either more support during US hours OR the sheer underestimation of the volume of EU players. As the individual who was engaging livestreamers, I can assure you that we helped with giveaways held by talents from both EU and NA. As for the second two questions, our Network Team is actually located in offices on both sides of the globe.

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