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I feel like sharing one of many stories that were forged in ArcheAge. But before I start let me say that ArcheAge is one of very few games that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing. The only others being Lineage II and RF Online. So here we go:

I should probably start off by saying that this dates back to the korean closed betas. The game worked a little differently back then. This might have been the third or fourth korean beta? I am not sure anymore. But I say this for a reason of course. There used to be an event which I'll call "Crate Run" for simplicity's sake.
The event would start at a fixed time in korea every day. And as far as I remember, crates would spawn in a certain location near the harbor ('Two Crowns' ?). If you paid five gold, you could get yourself a crate. Now, obviously the point of doing that is to go turn it in somewhere and get some profit. Most would sail out to the ocean to turn in their crates on an island. It was kind of a race, in a sense. But yeah, that's the "event" - explained very briefly. Sadly now it has been taken out but oh well!

I used to play with a set group of people, all members of the german archeage community. At least these lucky enough to be able and play the korean beta. Since the beta started at about 5 AM, we would all get up very early, hop on Teamspeak and enjoy the game together.

This day started like all the other days before. We all logged in, leveled a little, quested a bit, crafted a bit. A normal day overall. At 1PM the Crate Run event would start again. We all teamed up, started a raid group and got there early so we wouldn't miss out on the crates! Obviously we were not the only ones to do that. The harbor would be crowded with players. Most would park their ships at the harbor so they could swiftly jump on them and race to the island in the ocean I mentioned before. A member of our group (Barberman) had a speed boat already. Luckily! So he went ahead and summoned it. So far so good, all ready to go!

1PM! The crates spawned and everyone would immediately grab one - and we were no exception. And so the race begins. I grabbed my crate and hurried to the docks. But hold on.... which boat was our? There were so many ships, it was easy to get confused and forget which was yours. I wasn't the only one confused. Quickly everyone would shout in confusion and panic but we found our speed boat eventually.

Set and ready to go!

Okay, who's going to drive? Barber, of course, since it's his ship. But where is he?! He's not there! Turns out he was standing on the wrong speed boat :/ We all urged him to come as quickly as possible and once he was on board, we finally started our journey. I should mention that at the start, someone else was driving. HUGE. MISTAKE. Mind you, driving a boat/ship like that isn't all that easy. And so we crashed into a nearby rock formation. We were in a haste of course. So we urged Barber the captain of a ship to drive, and so he did. Much better. We were on our way now! Unstoppable! Or not?

Mind you, the ocean is a dangerous place! We would quickly have level 50 monsters following our ship and just some friendly advice: don't move too much while on a ship. Or well, at least back then it was relatively easy to fall down at times. And guess what? One of the members of our raid did just that! Vicis fell down into the water. We'd all urge Barber to stop and so we quickly changed directions to go pick him up again. But we couldn't find him anymore and the time was ticking! So despite his loss we sailed on, towards our destination. The rest of the journey was relatively uneventful. Until we saw land. The island! Once we were there we quickly jumped down and hurried to the NPC where we could turn in our crates. And since I didn't really need the delphi coins you would get for turning in your crate over there, I wanted to give my crate to Mija. So once she had hers turned in, I set my crate down.

BIG. MISTAKE. We were distracted and didn't notice that enemies had made their way to the island as well. So we got jumped by a Ferrani, who promptly killed us and stole my crate as well. Oh well...

Now! If you looked closely at the previous screenshot, you might have realized that both me and dear Mija had more than 50 (?) crime points and thus were labelled outlaws. That meant, once being killed, we both would have to face a trial. And since we were both killed just now, that's exactly what we did!

Facing my trial in prison

So I ended up at my trial. Mija had her own. My future was in the hands of five players. Would they understand if I begged for mercy? I tried. But I wasn't quite sure if I did it successfully at that time, seeing how I would receive responses such as "DIE!" or "DEATH SENTENCE!". After a while, I received my judgement. I was incredibly lucky! I only had to spend four minutes in prison, phew! Mija was not quite as lucky... she was sentenced to spend 44 minutes in prison. Oh well!

My time in prison!
http://i.imgur.com/l4NZFbw.jpg (only 4 images allowed!)

As you can imagine I got out relatively quickly. But being a good friend, I wanted to get her out of there! There had to be a way! Right?
I spawned outside the city. But of course the guards that were guarding the prison wouldn't just let me walk in there. Hmm... how else could I get there? I noticed the fence surrounding the prison wasn't all that high. Jumping wasn't an option but maybe.... I climbed my way up to the highest building I could find. I wanted to try and glide my way inside the prison.

Is this going to work?

And yes!!! It DID work! Mija, I'm coming! But hold on, what's that? I heard the sound that the game makes when you receive or LOSE money. I panicked. Were the devs that smart? Did they take money from me? I did break into prison after all. But no, phew. False alarm. Since Mija behaved well, she was let out of her cell to walk around in the prison. And since she was killing rats, that's where the sound came from. I hurried my way inside the building and finally got a hold of Mija!

http://i.imgur.com/sk9AwrR.jpg (only 4 images allowed!)

Yay! Now, how are we gonna get out though... Hmm, surely opening a portal will work, right? NOPE! Of course not! XL was not dumb of course and restricted the opening of portals within the prison. You also can not use any kind of skills while in there. (your skill bar is greyed out). Oh well... fail!

I also noticed I had the prison debuff cast upon me. That had not been the case when I was out of the prison. That must mean that I have been punished for breaking in.... and so all that was left for me to do is wait it out together with Mija. Oh well! It wasn't that bad, since they also allow you to play football in prison!

Fail! Spending extra time in prison!

We really had tons of fun and also laughed tons. Really great and there's plenty of stories like that.
And this is just one of many reasons why playing ArcheAge is great fun.

Have stories of your own to share? Feel free! Also, I apologize should I have gotten some details or game mechanics wrong. It has been a while and the game changed considerably by now.

03-23-2014, 03:40 PM
Very nicely put man, was well done hehe. Loved reading it!

That's the beauty of this game, you always end up having so many stories to share. So it's always refreshing to read other peoples adventures in this game. Thanks for sharing man!
Hopefully we will get more stories about archeage!

Senpai noticed
03-23-2014, 03:47 PM
Enjoyed the stories. I'm obsessed with ArcheAge even more.


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Wow what a great post, I loved reading this kinda really put me in the mood for more. Got any more stories!?

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Yea these are some amazing stories. Thanks for posting them...makes me want to get in game even more

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Love the idea! I wrote stories about my experience in KR ArcheAge back then as well, you can find them over here

I'm not a great storywriter, though, but if you wanna read them here's a copy/paste of them:

Stories by me

In my short time playing I didn't have real epic stories, but I had my fair share of exciting moments.

"One good turn deserves another"
Just this friday, I decided to take Tikro and Beatrix, two guild colleagues, on a fast tour to liberty island. I crafted some strawberry packages out of the strawberries I harvested a few days earlier. Not too many, a few days of work(actualy time spent maybe an hour or two, but still). We loaded up the tradeship and began sailing. It was really late, so probably early in the morning for koreans. We thought we were safe and made a quick stop at the western outpost at liberty island. Beatrix got on the island, and it was safe. He got back and we sailed to the beach of the island.

We loaded up two tractors and got in the middle, and then we saw it: There were enemies, probably of the eastern faction, fighting with a small western group. Tikro and Beatrix, riding the tractors, tried to sell anyway. One red guy apparently saw where they were coming from and decided to pay me a visit. As I was trying to stay with the tradeship I wasn't hard to find, and with this better gear I was no real threat to him. He killed me and tried to bring the packages to the island to sell them himself, confident his friends wouldclear it. But as it is, the western group actually managed to fight them back and they cleared out. Tikro and Beatrix took the chance and asked for help.

Our allies understood and quickly followed them to my ship, which started moving because my killer realised his friends lost. A chase after him started, he managed to escape multiple times but once my ship respawned and the packages dropped, the western guys catched up. Now, they didn't just kill him and took the packages.
They kindly asked whether these were my packages and put them back on the safe part of the island. I offered them packages as thanks, but they refused. We talked for a bit and they left, but quickly after that I got a whisper that the island is safe now, we should try to sell the packages again. We loaded the tradeship and landed on the beach, going to the middle island. It was safe first, but then the eastern players tried attacking again. However our new allies stood inbetween and defended us so we could safely sell.

After that, I saw a guy running against a group of four. He provoked them and got attacked pretty quickly, I immediately jumped in his direction and spammed my heal, he manages to survive and a few other friends catch up. Together we manage to deflect the attack again and we finally got rid of our enemies.

We exchanged a bit, but quickly left. I remember that one guy was called "ClvnKlein" or something like that, and he could write a decent bit of English.

"Battle of Hasla"

Just this thursday I was going hunting with my girlfriend, Caligo, to get some Hasla tokens.
I explained it in the review but long story short, there is a hunting ground in Hasla, a pvp zone in the south east area of the eastern continent, where you get tokes for killing monsters in a specific area.
And with these tokens you can get better gear, with other items you get there you can upgrade it.
(Hasla grinding)

Generally, as people just want to farm the tokens and be left alone, there is a gentlemen agreement that you leave everybody, including the enemy faction, alone. You don't disturb anybody while hunting and nobody disturbs you.

But sometimes people don't want to see enemies farm on these spots and so Caligo and me got jumped by two koreans that decided that they want to have this spot for them. Caligo died, I manage to defend myself pretty well but get knocked down finally and die too. However I managed to flee to a group of thre allies and as soon as they saw me attacking started chasing our killers. They were already on their mounts as they had the pvp mount which is pretty useful for aggroing monsters.

They immediately jump down and attack, Caligo and me respawn, heal ourselves and join them in the fight.
Meanwhile, our good friend Jangs, a korean player in our guild, came to the Hasla hunting ground as well.
(We die :( )
He decides to fight back after we see the two players that attacked us before again. And it turns out that this was a good idea because they immediately jumped on us again, but this time we were prepared and I changed my skills beforehand. This time I was prepared for pvp and fought back as hard as I could,
I used mind control to take out their main damage dealer and Jangs got rid of the other player. Caligo helped him with that and together we got rid of them pretty easily.
screenshot0315jzjsr.jpg(Pushing them back)

This triggered everyone to attack as, but as the other western players joined us, we managed to defend.
We decide to take this hunting ground for ourselves - we didn't start the attack, we merely brought the consequences to those who attacked us. So we camp their respawn point to show them that we are superior and they should leave, but rather than running away they try to fight back for a really long time. But we also manage to kill their most important players and not lose anyone.
(We have the upper hand)
(Too late to run away!)

This changes after they alerted allies in the area chat. Slowly but surely more players got in and we started to lose more and more players. In a last attempt to break their lines we run away to try and split them, but this fails as they simply have more players available. We ask for help in guild and area chat, but it seems to late. We have to give up the hunting ground for a while and leave the easteners alone.

But next time... Next time Hasla is ours!

Stories by Fido

As you all know, Fido is doing a lot of work for the game and he has a TON of content. I will post some special moments videos by him.

"The great harbour blockade of Ynystere"
Around the end of february this year, there was a big blockade at Ynystere. Ynystere is the unofficial capital of the eastern continent: northern PvP zone, closest to liberty island and there is also a trading outpost, so as a western player you can make a lot of profit out of it without actually going further to liberty island.

Since the easterners knew that they decided to use their ships and players to block players out of that zone, so that only they could sell their packages.

Fido and his guild members, the few that they were, wanted to try it anyway. They set up their trading arrangements: Filled two tradeships with packages and took another tradeship, but placed only 3-4 packages on it. This was the decoy ship. After a long trip they finally arrived at Ynystere, only to see the eastern players still blocking out enemies.
The decoy ship got in first, and turned away as soon as the enemies saw them and started the chase. When they were out of range, the two full tradeships saw their chance: They sped up and went intot he Ynystere harbour to safely sell their packages when the enemies got back, all they saw was already empty tradeships and a richer western guild.

"You are not welcome here. This is our island!", said the pirate captain.
I talked about liberty island before, but it is hard to capture the excitement around this island withou telling about actual player pirates.

After the pirate faction, which at the time consisted a few pirate families, said that they now will control liberty island and will attack ANYONE trying to bring and sell packages, they really didn't have that much respect. People tried anyway, and sometimes they failed, sometimes they were lucky.

Hermes, a big western korean guild, didn't take them seriously. They were confident that they could, without the help of other western guilds, sell many packages easily. And just to make it clear: They WERE offered help, it's not like they didn't have the chance to accept.
They just refused to pay others to help them, even though it was cheaper than paying the pirates. Pirates wanted one third of your packages if you wanted to sell safely, which is a really high rate.

With their decision made, they set up eight tradeships full of packages. Around fifty player were prepared to escort the ship, and the Hermes guild was confident. They started sailing in a convoy and in the first few moments, everything seemed fine.

Then the pirates attacked, and they attacked big. They had fewer players but had a really great combinations of better gear and better classes.
The first two tradeships were destroyed before the last ship of the convoy could even start sailing. To minimize their losses, Hermes quickly returned to safezone, only to leave a grinning pirate faction making their point:
"This might be liberty island, but you have no liberty here. This is our place, and you need to buy yourself into it."

To put things a little bit more into perspective, eight tradeships are eight times twenty packages. Even if they sold only the cheapest packages, that would be a minimum of a thousand gold, with the sure loss of around twohundred and fifty gold. But they most likely had more expensive packages, so you can add one third to that number.

Other stories

"War between allies"

This is based on some events we could read about in the german forums. It's just a short
Check it here: http://archeage-onli...o-wirds-gemacht

I don't know too many details about this, but this is what I gathered from this:
We have another german guild called Impact and they play on the same server, just on the other continent(Shoutout to them best rivals we have!). They had some players in their guild that decided to leave the guild to create a new one. It seems that there was some controversy about it, because when the new guild, called Atlantica, tried to arrange a guild village Impact blocked their space with small scarecrows. This caused a war between those two guilds that seems to be still going on who knows how this will end?

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Thinks for bringing this thread back up, KeksX. I didn't see it the first time around, but this was a fun read!
(Your stories, too, were cool. Just finished reading those)

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Nice now i got me bed time story ;-).

men write a book ^^

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Good Story! We got a lot of Story's in ArcheAge already and hope it getting more and more!

PS: KeksX: Never Quote that much man! :D

04-03-2014, 02:24 PM
KeksX: Never Quote that much man! :D

He didn't quote the OP. The quote is from elsewhere, and it's well worth having shared here.
If you just assumed it was the OP and skipped over it, I urge you to go back and read it. It's good.

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Great story! This is the type of experience I'm really looking forward to. I almost want to get put in jail just so I can talk to the jury in court. Will be awesome when everyone speaks the same language, lol.

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Loved reading this! Cant wait to play the game to experience this!

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Hehe! Nice story! I loved reading this a lot! :D

Locklear Aoi
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*Smiles,* Nice story! And great warning about flying into a jail. Also nice to know that they at least pay to keep the rat population down!

04-04-2014, 07:30 AM
I once went into an enemy town and found a guy getting in a car with a trade pack, I got ahead of him and managed to backflip onto the hood of the car and started killing him while he was driving it. : |