View Full Version : The story of a man

09-17-2014, 12:30 PM
I'm on my way home from a hard days work at the blacksmith, when suddenly theres a huge unswimmable river infront of me. i search around for a way across, when i see a sign for a bridge just over the hill, so smiling and whistling to myself i head towards the bridge wondering why this river wasnt there yesterday or even this morning.

as i crest the top of the hill, my jaw drops, i am dumbstruck because below me was a sight i had never before seen, there indeed was a bridge crossing the river, however there was also a mass of people trying to cross this bridge, as it stood, the bridge could only let 1 person across at a time, it was tiny! i saw people balancing to get across the bridge and falling off, only to be instantly whisked back to the front of mass of people, shrugging i head down to the back of the line thinking of the dinner that will be cooked for me.

As i line up, a magic text appears above me saying "you are now 6427th person in the queue" as i see that, i think, "well it cant be too bad, i'll just be a little late home"... and here ends the story because the rest was too tragic to tell, in short, that man died in the queue, he lasted 6 days before he finally died of dehydration, because the queue never got any shorter, and the gods didnt see it necessary for them to add widen the bridge or create new bridges.