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09-18-2014, 02:00 AM
For many walkup rp is the hardest thing to do, especially if you're a new roleplayer. The purpose of this thread is to have a place where those who are either new to the server or new to rp can have people that they know they can walk up and rp with. Now be mindful that right now at launch everyone is leveling so don't get upset if someone is just busy. Right now I'm working hard on my crafting skills, but that does not mean you can't friend me for rp at another time or for those moments when my labor points are low. Either way if you are open to walkup rp please list the following so that people can find you.

Character: Your character name and race
Server: List the server you're playing on
Faction: The faction you are playing on
Playtimes: What your main playtimes are (Also list if you are overseas, for example in the EU)
Playstyle: Are you a trader/crafter? More primarily pve than pve? Or a bit of both? Provide any details about your playstyle here that may come into play for your roleplay.

Here is my info

Character:Joaquin (Nuian)
Faction: West
Playtimes: I am a late night player Sunday through Thursday and you can find me on all day usually on most Fridays and Saturdays
Playstyle: Medium to Heavy - RP-PVP/PKK (player killer killer/anti ganker) with a strong mix of crafting and in the future mercenary work. Everything listed here will be an active part of my roleplay. Right now I am leveling, but it does not mean I won't accept friends invites for rp even if its not at that very moment. I am open to romantic rp, and I have no issues with ERP -As long as its part of the storyline-

No maiming, no killing

09-18-2014, 03:55 AM
Character: Sperber (Nuian)
Server: Aier
Faction: West
Playtimes: in the evening....starts 5 p.m
Playstyle: Trading, Crafting, PvE, PvP and RP all together :D

09-18-2014, 06:45 AM
Character Syllaeus (Elf)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: US East evenings after 5pm until about 10pm
Playstyle: RP-PvP, PvP, PvE, RP (Merc work (sellsword) and espionage/reconnaissance).

I also have an alt:

Character: Valadeus (Nuian)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Same as above
Playstyle: RP-PvP, PvE, PvP, RP (Soldier and Knight-esque character)

I am always up for RP and enjoy traveling with small groups (large groups tend to be far too chaotic for my tastes) or with just a partner or even solo. No matter which character I'm on, my character's actions will always be character-driven and true to the character's personality.

09-18-2014, 07:00 AM
Character Apriline (Nuian)
Server Tahyang
Faction West
Playtimes Whenever I'm not working or sleeping (Typically 11am-2pm EST and 10pm-6am EST)
Playstyle???? (Please bear with me as I explore the game and learn the lore and find where I fit in. It's so exciting and alot to take in!) I'm a very open roleplayer and am happy to engage in most storylines.

09-18-2014, 11:11 AM
Character: Braklen - Nuian
Server: Tahyung
Faction: West
Playtimes: Whenever the dang que lets me in, but normally it would be from 10am EST - 4.30pm EST with possibility after 7pm EST
Playstyle: My character is made to be a guardsman. So if you need an escort through someplace, or a trade caravan, or even someone to help in a story etc, let me know! I'm level 31 as of this writing, so I'll even help in dungeons and the like.

I also have a character on the other side:

Character: Xunghi - Harani
Server: Tahyung
Faction: East
Playtimes: Whenever the dang que lets me in, but normally it would be from 10am EST - 4.30pm EST with possibility after 7pm EST
Playstyle: A Demonologist, he is a mute man, whether of his own choice or born that way, you'll have to find out!

09-18-2014, 11:52 AM
Character:Telonos (Elf)
Server: Inoch
Faction: West
Playtimes: Late evening (after 8-9PM CDT or -5GMT/UTC), various times on weekend
Playstyle: PVE/PVP primarily, light-medium RP (will always respond in character if spoken to in character). Light crafting. Prefer light-hearted to semi-dark RP. Telonos is your standard wandering warrior/adventurer so almost any RP can be appropriate.

09-18-2014, 01:06 PM
I'm still pretty new to the game but I've been doing RPs in general for a while, so here goes. I'm gonna have one character per side, the Western one isn't currently made yet but I'll add them in when I make them. Also I don't /quite/ have Arfen's personality down quite yet, haven't had a chance to use her in an RP yet, but I think I got the general idea of it.

Character: Arfen (Firran)
Server Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Whenever I'm on. Its extremely variable.
Playstyle: Not sure what to put for this, I'm pretty new to MMOs (or at least, new to actually having an MMO I like. Most of them I just get bored of), but she'd probably engage in some PVP. Also a lot of PVE. She's... well, she's an adventurer, an assassin (that might change in the future.), and definitely a mercenary. As for RP, well, I'm up for it anytime! Seriously, I'd love to just start up an RP with someone random while I'm adventuring. Also note, regular text (at least in local chat) will be voice, *this will be character actions* and (this is just out of character stuff!)


Character: Coming Soon
Server Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Same as above
Playstyle: I'm thinking of making this one a mage character, maybe crafting as well, I don't really know yet. Will edit when I set up the character.

09-18-2014, 03:31 PM
I'm not terribly experienced in RP, but I do enjoy it and I love to learn, so if you can bear with me I'd be happy to interact with your characters. Mine still need some tweaking, and some need proper bios, but the details noted here should be final (at least until new races come out~). If you see me around, feel free to say hi. :)

Character(s): Thirn (current main) and Kitsurin, male and female Firran, respectively. Loutre, female Harani. Zaelica, female Elf.
Server: Tahyang
Faction: Both, but mostly East
Playtimes: I'm at UTC -4, and play mostly on the weekends, including Fridays, anywhere from 8am to late at night. Weekdays I have way too much homework to do anything more than rotate crops.
Playstyle: I usually spend all my time in MMOs levelling mains and alts. If I manage to finish doing that, I will probably get my hands into a whole lot of crafting, commerce and mercenary work if I can figure out PvP in this game. I don't do ERP, but light romance is ok, if you can manage to interest my characters. I'm quite fond of character development, but when it comes to things that would leave a huge mark, I'd prefer to be asked first. Death is not something I will allow.

09-18-2014, 03:48 PM
Character: Gnarscien
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Mostly weekends at varying hours. I play very little to none on week days.
Playstyle: Med-Heavy RP, mostly PvE. Gnarscien's character isn't compatible with getting into a lot of combat. He can hold his own just fine with his magical talents if he needs, but his primary focus is on studying the history of the world, and thus traveling it and uncovering its secrets. He is well aware that that might entail combat. I am open to spontaneous walk-up RP at any time, even while leveling!

I already had quite an interesting experience trying to glide over a bay from Solzreed to Marianople. I miscalculated and didn't make it across, was rescued by a harpoon clipper. They gave me three options if I wanted to stay aboard: Pay 1 gold, give them a valuable artifact I was transporting to the university at Marianople, or dance for them. "I suppose I can humiliate myself for the sake of academia," Gnarscien said, and away we went to Marianople, dancing all the way!

09-18-2014, 07:18 PM
Character: Yeonmi
Server: Dahuta
Faction East
Playtimes: Most days of the week, Freelancer schedule. Meaning time can vary.
Playtyle: Chairwoman of a still small guild, named: West Haranya Venture Company. We are mostly focusing on RP, trading, PvE and "defensive PvP". The latter meaning that we are most likely not the people to attack first. Of course we will fight to protect the interests of the Haranyan and Firran people.

Yeonmi isn't very interested in violence but understands the necessity of it in an often merciless world. Before she began to study the arts of healing and literature, she was leading a simple farmer's life alongside her family. Eventually, her youthful curiosity drove her to doing some adventuring. Infecting some friends with the very idea of adventure, they followed along, developing unique skills of their own in their travels.

09-19-2014, 03:13 PM
Character: Inopa male Harani
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Late night US times since that's the only time I can get past the Q.
Playstyle: I am pve/pvp and my rp style is more fluid style of RP I don't paragraph. I am open to all types of RP but romance RP unless we click on a personal level. I like text and voice RP so a group with a TS chat would be amazing or even one on one via Skype ^.^ Inopa is kinda shy because of a disfiguring scar on his face so don't be afraid to talk to him first!

09-19-2014, 04:38 PM
Character: Rudhredion, Elf
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: PST
Playstyle: Rudhredion is a former Eokad turned Mercenary living in the village of Reladia. He serves in the village's militia as well and is well known for his skills with a spear and shield. Mainly I am a med-heavy RPer who mostly explores, crafts, and just RPs. Feel free to come and RP with Rud if you see him!

09-19-2014, 05:48 PM
Well, this is interesting! I am actually looking for a dedicated server that the community declared as RP-worthy, but hey, I will put some info on my persona on demand and currently trying to get on all the possible servers:

Name: Keller (Nuian)
Server: Aier (Or how it is)
Faction: Unknown
Playtimes: Weekends
Playstyle: Light-hearted Roleplay, focused on interacting with the world around to settle up a grim undertone to my character (Picture it like The Joker, only not being a clown). I also tend to be PvE focused about things and use PvE enviroments as a tool for Roleplay, meaning I will take it out on NPC's for RP stuff.

Not much known about Keller, what is known is spoken in taverns as a ghost story. Some say that Keller was once a man who was broken by those around him. Women shattering his heart, his peers tormenting at his emotions. One day he took up his butcher knives and walked to town and started killing left, right and centre, all while wearing his old, tattered clothes with a makeshift bandana and hood to accompany him.

Before he left his hometown, he went to the town hall, dragging bodies with him and using a broom as a brush, he scrawled on to the walls "Keller is Watching". He was never seen in public that day forward, and the criminal populace has been coming lighter and more fearful of sleeping outside safer areas.

09-20-2014, 01:52 AM
Aaaaand I think I'll try throwing my hat into the ring in the name of moar RP
Character: Aurnia
Race: Elf
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: GMT but varied
Playstyle: Medium/heavy RP, I'm PvP-phobic but willing to give it a try. All kinds of rp adored. I'm particularly fond of small groups over larger, travelling, exploring and general adventure but nothing will be turned down. Well, unless it's frankly bizarre in a bad way!

09-20-2014, 01:53 AM
By the way, Tahyang is on the US side?

09-20-2014, 04:14 AM
By the way, Tahyang is on the US side?

Yes, Tahyang for US, Dahuta for EU

09-20-2014, 05:00 AM
Character: Kaire (Firran)
Server: Dahuta
Faction: East (Will most likely change to pirate once i hit level cap)
Playtimes: I Freelance so playtime's vary massively. Currently i only play during the week from around 9-12 a.m (CET) ,once servers stabilize ill be on at random times during the week.
Playstyle: Heavy PvP, Casual RP, auctioneer ,trader and mercenary. I like meeting new characters hearing their stories, telling my own and teaming up ,but i tend to settle my disputes in pvp xD. Willing to offer my services as a sellsword ,both in and out of RP so feel free to message me if you need help or protection in pretty much any aspect of the game.

09-20-2014, 05:37 AM
Tahyang has been having a lot of """problems""" and bugs lately, so honestly I cannot recommend it for roleplay

09-20-2014, 04:42 PM
Character: Albey, elf.
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Random, queues kill me but I'm usually online in central afternoons.
Playstyle: Med-heavy RP mixed with some PvE

Phantom The Aspect
09-20-2014, 06:23 PM
Character: Spade (elf)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Whenever the queue lets me in....
Playstyle: I do a bit of everything. I have 2 years of WvW commanding experience on Tarnished Coast as a militia commander and overall strategy guy (nothing more fun than farming PvP focused guilds without needing to break character). I've handled open RP event coordination. I've led countless groups through dungeons on various MMOs. I currently lead a small guild that will eventually be looking to expand. We plan on being privateers, but there's a ton of things we need to take care before we're ready to take that step.

Spade himself appears to be a happy-go-lucky joker most times. However, when things turn serious, so does he. He's extremely loyal and protective of those close to him, and will go to great lengths to help most anyone out. While he holds a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, he prefers to keep that hidden behind a lot of jokes and other forms of general amusement. Though this is all subject to change as time goes on and I start getting settled in and cemented in place.

09-20-2014, 07:52 PM
Character: Thaid
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Usually Downtimes between 2 and 5 am EST due to que.
Playstyle: Casual to Heavy depending on situation. Can be a bit abrasive with no holds barred but generally friendly for the most part and welcome to strangers.
Location: Often in the tavern south of the university in Marianople.

09-21-2014, 02:16 AM
Character: Arkazaeth
Server: Dahuta [EU]
Faction: East
Playtimes: Mostly weekends in the afternoon and evening to late evening.
Playstyle: RP wise I am more of a wandering Blacksmith and blade addict always looking for new materials for his art. Also I'm a bit of PvP maniac and will probably dwell in battlefields once I hit max level.

Otherwise, Arkazaeth is a rather grumpy but friendly character who gets especially hyped when you want to talk about metal working or any kind of smiting related stuff. As a Firran he follows the old ways and deems that every life is of importance, however he realized during his numerous journeys throughout the eastern continent that sadly some has to be taken for the greater good. Also when bound by a contract he is especially loyal and never fails to deliver high quality products (in the case he doesn't he'll drink himself to near death before redoing everything from scratch.).

09-22-2014, 08:47 AM
Character: Wesley
Server: Tahyang
Faction: Nuian Alliance
Playtimes: Most Evenings throughout the week and off and on for the Weekends
Playstyle: Not much on knowing my background story other than I am a Nuian that lives in the forest with the Elves due to be saved by an elf, Fairuneal, while a child. Wesley is a Paladin class that believes in protecting the innocent and abandoned, but also finds that in protecting such ones, sometimes rules and laws need to be broken. Open to Romantic RP and ERP that fit only within the story.

09-22-2014, 09:23 AM
Character: Warrik
Server: Inoch
Faction: East
Playtimes: I'm pretty varied, I'm a stay at home dad. So I'm on during the day when not at the gym or playing with him. I'm also on regularly in the evenings CST. Basically I'm pretty available.
Playstyle: When I find someone to r/p with, I can forget playing the actual game. But if it's pretty casual, then I tend to enjoy crafting/harvesting, etc. I'm a F2P'er so I tend to have my poor geese murdered in front of me out in the unprotected lands, or have my flowers uprooted by opposing faction and same faction griefers alike. I also do enjoy questing and PVE, not a big PVP person, never really have been through the 20 or so MMO's I've partaken in. I'm always open to romantic/erotic RP, I'm a man after all. Also willing to delete my alt and move him to any other server/faction to start up a good ongoing r/p situation if found.

Speaking of the alt...

Character: Warrik(also)
Server: Lucius(just begun today after finding many are going here since Tahyang isn't able to have new characters created by F2Pers)
Faction: Nuian Alliance(wanting to see how the other half starts off)
Playtimes: As seen above.
Playstyle: Likewise, look above.

09-23-2014, 10:40 AM
Character: Cullyn
Realm: Dahuta [EU]
Faction: West
Playtimes: Sporadic
Playstyle: A bit of this and a bit of that. However, whether I'm farming, questing or on a trade run, interact with me IC and I'll always reciprocate the RP (especially if I'm on a trade run).

09-23-2014, 11:05 AM
Character: Falson
Realm: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Evenings EST
Playstyle: Heavy RP (though will break character for game mechanical discussions and the like).

09-23-2014, 05:42 PM
Character: Shirokage (firran)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: 0800-1000 pst, or 1700-2100 pst
Playstyle: just about anything.

09-24-2014, 07:39 AM
Character: Mystriss
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Anytime, but usually late night/morning PST
Playstyle: Heavy PvP, heavy RP, hate PvE. I've been RP'ing for a quite a while now, folks in my RP circle call me the spinster because I can weave some pretty fantastic RP plots for my circles when I have free time (I'm a writer.) Once I get done with my brain dead leveling trance (read: I'm not paying much attention to the chat box) I'll be open for RP pretty much anytime I'm not hunting in PvP. (Unless the PvP is boring/easy-mode - then I'll be RP'ing full time.) That said, I'm not up to par on Archeage lore yet so I don't even have a character background plot in mind.

09-24-2014, 09:33 AM
Character: Lupo
Race: Nuian
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Anyday. Sporadic.
Playstyle: Medium to Heavy RP. RP. PvP. PvE. Jack of all trades.
Character Archetype: Anti-Hero, True Neutral. Exceptionally unpredictable.

09-24-2014, 09:42 AM
Character: Anwaen

Race: Elf

Server: Ezi (NA)

Playtimes: PDT (GMT -7) Anywhere between 10am & 5pm most weekdays

Play style: Heavy RP, Mature (no, that doesn't mean cyber sex!)... Open to discussion in terms of plot. And I don't necessarily have to stick to AA lore. I have some plot ideas in mind already, and I'm also open to discussing more!

Character type: Anwaen's neutral with leanings toward evil. Mostly she looks out for herself and has no qualms about playing both sides as a means to an end. Whisper me in-game for more info! I'm friendly OOCly and I wouldn't mind chatting!

Effi says hi
09-25-2014, 09:12 AM
Character: Effi, female Harani, adventurous teen
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Late night US times, some afternoons.
Playstyle: Except for the occasional public chat question, always IC (okay...but I did lose my temper when I found someone waiting to cut down my trees and ended up racing him to harvest my own grove). Enjoy para-RP, but ArcheAge doesn't lend itself to that very well, so quite happy to do more of a conversation style. Mostly engaged in trade-related RP right now. Prefer open chat to whispers, though if things become more than PG will go to whispers out of consideration for youngsters playing the game.

09-25-2014, 09:44 AM
Characters: Maia, and Leie
Server: Naima
Faction: East
Race: (both: Harani)
At this time my play time which is PST, is almost any time of the day or week. I usually get on early, a short time after server reset.

My rp is somewhat different as my two characters, which I am leveling together, (I alternate between the two to keep their levels even) are based on two characters from one of my favorite Sci Fi books called Glory Season by David Brin. I am in the process of creating a backstory for them. Both Maia and Leie decide they had enough with the politics and strife on their own world and leave the planet they were from to and end up on the world where Arche Age takes place. (There will be a lot more detail regarding this part of the story as it is developed)
My goal is for them to find a a craft or crafts they can do well in and explore the world. As they have discovered this new world and have come to understand the conflicts here, they plan to strive to bring peace where they can. They will not take part in killing other characters in order to take their trade packs, they will not take part in any type of aggression that strives to take away what others have built. They see much of the strife in the world is based on old hatreds and greed, and want to find a way to change that.
I plan to create a guild with people of like mind if it is even possible.

Pixil Pixi
09-25-2014, 10:26 AM
Character: Evelyn and Nuian
Server: Tahyang
Faction: Nuia? I'm in the Iron guild...
Playtimes: After 7 est til about 2am. Usualy
Playstyle: Are you a trader/crafter? Levelign larceny and artistry soooo no.
More primarily pve than pve? Will be both at leel 50
Or a bit of both? Yeah that.

Provide any details about your playstyle here that may come into play for your roleplay.
I'm originally a nwn (bioware) rper, playing on the arelith private server. IF you know anythign about that, I am used to the game being mechanically shifted to encourage rp. Furthermore, I dont have the time to write it all out, so find out in game. >:3

09-25-2014, 10:29 AM
Character: Mahlio
Server: Kyrios (NA)
Faction: West
Race: Nuian

Seems like I'm the only Kyrios RP player in this thread so far. I'm all about spontaneous RP and meeting new people in the town square, pub, etc. Taking the time to sit down at a table and exchange stories about other adventurer's in town and the newest gossip around the lands, sailing the high seas and enjoying adventures out in the sea, exploring new lands with someone and finding all sorts of new creatures and places to go... There's tons to do and I've already done quite a bit. It has been a bit disappointing that most of the RP has lasted no longer than 10 minutes, so I'm open to try something new.

09-29-2014, 11:34 AM
Character: Drogan, Nuian.
Server: Dahuta
Faction: West
Playtimes: Pretty much all day from midday.
Playstyle: As for Drogan he is a dedicated farmer. Crops and Flowers are his life along with Livestock. He has never been far away from his farm in Two Crowns, at least not unless it involves a trading tour to another place and to explore the trees, crops, plants and animals and how they are being grown in different environments.

I roleplay with pretty much everyone I encounter, be they stealing my crops or simply passing by my garden. OOC I like to try out other aspects of the game involving PvP and PvE content, that being said I still like to roleplay during these times despite that it doesn't fit my characters story.

09-29-2014, 03:04 PM
Character: Fyrehart (Firran)
Server: Dahuta
Faction: East
Playtimes: U.K. 7pm - 11 pm.
Playstyle: Quester/PvE mainly with PvP (as and when necessary). A role player with more than 20 years experience from light/casual to hardcore/dark plotlines. I don't enjoy scripted RP and prefer free flowing as I believe your character should evolve due to the circumstances it finds itself in. As leader of a neutral guild my character may react according to circumstances so she is not altogether trustworthy yet could be protective and helpful (if a profit can be made).

I would be willing to help anyone new to role playing with basic RP guidelines i.e. how to interact with the environment and other characters using emotes, speech and how to follow a storyline.

If anyone wishes to RP with me I would be grateful if they can make contact first either by in-game mail or /w as I may be involved in guild activities or questing.

10-01-2014, 02:31 PM
I have several character (Alt-aholics anonymous x.x) 6 in total on Tahyang (sp?) as I have 2 accounts.

Character: Sophie
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. You'll see her traveling with Strife, she's his bodyguard.

Character: Rhys
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. Rhys is less of a selfless sort, often times her decisions are based on survival or profit.

Character: Keraii
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. Just remember, you talked to her. She's an overzealously cheery and fun-loving sort. Generally willing to help out others but fun is often her only motivation.

Character: Jin
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. Jin is a quiet, serious sort. She enjoys combat but is worried that due to things she tends not to discuss, she might end up down a dark path.

The following are my farming characters so to speak, they were my shop NPCs in Tabletop:

Character: Marii
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off. These two characters I'm more likely to be on early in the morning or during the day.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. Marii loves unique items, and will trade almost anything to get what she fancies. She's also a bit of a prankster.

Character: Moss
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Depends on work schedule but from 6pm-ish EST to midnight generally, sometimes earlier if I'm off. These two characters I'm more likely to be on early in the morning or during the day.
Playstyle: PVE, questing dungeon delving, exploring and some crafting. Opinion on PVP pending. I enjoy PVP sometimes but it's all dependent on the attitude of those I'm playing with. Moss is a hard worker who takes a lot of pride in his wares, sometimes even too much pride.

10-03-2014, 09:51 AM
Character: Sparrlo (Firran)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Late night/ early morning/ afternoon. basicly you could see me on at anytime of any day.
Playstyle: PvX though i suck at PvP i still enjoy it. Sparrlo is a thug/Bandit with a good heart, who loves proving himself in 1v1 combat. And can often be found charging "tolls" to travelers leaving Silent forest.

10-03-2014, 03:08 PM
Character: Renisil, Firran
Faction: East
Playtimes: Afternoons to night I often spend playing.
Playstyle: Farming and Trade, DefencePvp. She works with her family growing crops for trade, being the head of her Firran clan, the Windstriders.

Boat Knight
10-06-2014, 07:06 PM
Character: Rayleigh, the Nuian
Server: Glorious Tahyang Master Server.
Faction: West
Playtimes: North America, Pacific Time. Roughly Four to Eight. Sometimes longer depending on mood, nearing weekends or just really into an RP session.
Playstyle: Rayleigh is just a humble fisherman's son trying to visit his grandmother on the other side of the continent...hilarity ensues. Walk-Up Friendly, expect him to be the naive idiot of the group. Once I get into the swing of things and get my boat built (one can dream. ;~; ), he's likely just going to be a wandering man. Largely PvE with a bit of crafting on the side. unless sometime ends up happening, I try to roll with the punches as best as one can when RPing.

10-07-2014, 02:06 AM
haracter: Kazeindel
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Most days, and being a bit of a night owl but im on during the day at times too, so pretty random. Central time zone.
Playstyle: Kazeindel, who most call Kaz or Kaze for short, is a Firran farmer and merchant when she isn't off healing her allies in the thick of battle. She's quite easy going most times, but has a habit of clonking her allies over the head with her mace at any antics that, in her eyes, are stupid. She hails from the guild Generositate- living up to that name as she heals strangers during passing, or giving help those those asking advice.

10-07-2014, 10:45 AM
Character: Rhoslyn and Irielle (Both Elves)
Server: Naima
Faction: West/Nuian
Playtimes: Overseas in Finland, online frequently (many hours a day) generally in primetime/late/early hours for East/West Coast US players.
Playstyle: I love crafting and farming in this game, currently focused on husbandry, farming, gathering, and leatherworking. Primarily a roleplayer first and pve/pvper second! I do incorporate farming into roleplay with one of the characters, and the leatherworking is purely for OOC benefit. As for my playstyle, I prefer to make paragraph posts and use a lot of logic and realism as opposed to pure fantasy. (An example is that my characters would never take you seriously if you showed up for battle wearing revealing armor!) That being said, I am not elitist and will roleplay with just about anyone as long as they keep to the lore (for the most part), don't godmode, etc. If you see me out and about, whisper me first to see if I'm IC and we'll go from there! :)

10-08-2014, 04:06 AM
Character: Birlioz is a Nuian
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Weekdays I am on from around 7am to 2pm, then back on at 10pm til 1am. This varies. Weekends are pretty much open, and I am on most of the time.
Playstyle: Birlioz is a personal guard to a friend of mine, Selithel. So I include PvP into his story line. Currently I am focused on PvE to get better armor sets for him (ya know for rp :P ) Typically I am a heavy role player, and feel free to walk up if you see me in town!

My alt;
Character: Calanta is an Elf
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: Listed above
Playstyle: Calanta comes from a rather long line of Shadowblades. Seeing as how she was born without the ability to manipulate magic she picked the path of Outrider, and is seen as an outcast by her family due to this. Her sire, a rather strict man, appointed her to protect her sister Reyce (she also plays AA) instead of banishing her from the family's estate.

10-08-2014, 03:12 PM
Character: Angeliz - Elf
Server: Tahyung
Faction: West
Playtimes: Mostly every day from 9pm to 1am (-3 UTC/GMT)
Playstyle: My character is a pretty much the sum of all her past versions, from other lifes (other games). She's reliable, somewhat wise, somehow lost. She's an explorer, that often help wanderers in need. As a Darkrunner she'll be as sneaky as possible while near hostile lands... in short: group up, wander around, questing (with objective, not cuz the quest said so xD) and trade run help (thou I'm 25lvl only and new to the game).

As for my alt**

Character: Lizander - Elf
Server: Tahyung
Faction: West
Playtimes: Mostly every day from 9pm to 1am (-3 UTC/GMT)
Playstyle: A warrior, full of rage (or thirst for revenge - following the elf storyline). Somewhat an explorer, he's story is deeply related to Angeliz's**, but as a playstyle he's more of a soloer... in short: could group up, specialy cuz I'm some sort of tank, but hardly just following blindly trade runs; questing with objective; and as already said, i'm new to the game and this char is also 25lvl.

** not really an alt, but since Angeliz's 'playstyle' friendlier, she's the most played one.

10-09-2014, 01:16 PM
Character: Caeoltoiri (Harani)
Server: Aranzeb
Faction: East
Playtimes: I'm pretty much typically active from 9:30am PST (GMT -8, I believe) to 11:30pm PST -- or until I draw family aggro, hehe.
Playstyle: I'm a trader, mainly. I do craft, occasionally, but not enough to claim I'm a crafter. As for roleplay, I typically RP paragraph style, but I'm happy to adapt to whatever method you're comfortable with c: Also, if you message me, assume that my response is OOC as I'm normally surrounded by people who don't roleplay xD Feel free to shoot me a whisper if you wanna RP, though!

Caeoltoiri (her guildmates tend to call her Tori) is a pretty reclusive character by nature; she'll come out and do stuff with her guild when she's needed (they adore her heals), but otherwise, she'll be off exploring the land somewhere -- usually with a pack on her back. I guess you could call her antisocial -- though, she's really just pretty shy. She can't seem to keep still with nervous energy in abundance, and is constantly teased by those close to her for taking things so literally -- as well as for constantly hiding her face behind her helm or hood. Though quiet, she's happy to offer her assistance to anyone who needs it -- even if the person is from the western continent -- and dislikes those who hold their power over others with a passion.

--! Oh dang, am I the only one from Aranzeb on here? --

10-09-2014, 01:37 PM
Character: Wendigo the Nuian
Server: Tahyang
Faction: Wes
Playtimes: North America, Atlantic time zone, i play all the time
Playstyle: Cult leader of Cult of the Kraken. Somber and dedicated. if all men are waves..the kraken is life itself. Our cult worships the sea and delights in helping any nuians voyage or trade run. We are small and selective, only recruiting one at a time if they are worthy...Each of us must face the Kraken...

10-09-2014, 01:54 PM
Character: Arkady
Server: Tahyang
Faction: West
Playtimes: North America, Pacific time zone, i play all the time
Playstyle: Right now exploring and a little bit of pvp if attacked. I like to help people when out and about - throwing a heal or rez if they stick around. I prefer to play good characters. I'm not great at RP and hardly ever walk up to RP people because I am self conscious about it. If someone RPs me first I always try to respond in kind to respect their game play.

10-13-2014, 06:15 PM
Hesitated to post here because of playstyle, but ...

Character: Jubilee (Nuian)
Server: Ollo
Faction: west
Playtimes: Offpeak EST -- either late morning to early afternoon, or after midnight
Playstyle: Into all things water-related. WILL jack your pack if you are vulnerable and I think I can, and/or get help to do it. RP does not change this, as that is in-character for me, but neither is this a trap to lure in RPers. Be happy to RP in safe zones, too :P

10-13-2014, 07:02 PM
Character: Sieghart.
Server: Enla.
Faction: West.
Playtimes: GMT - 2:00, quite irregularly.
Playstyle: This character is walking the path to piracy, so it's rp would revolve around that. Not sure if it will become a murderous bastard, or just someone that walks that path for the thrill of it.

Character: Sieghartx.
Server: Aier.
Faction: East.
Playtimes: GMT - 2:00, I play more here.
Playstyle: Leader of a little guild, always striving to protect them and make it through the day unscatted. Kind of a righteous wanderer, and tries to regularly participate as a jury to pass judgment to the criminals, or freedom to those who deserve it.

10-18-2014, 10:36 PM
Character: Ajari (Firran)
Server: Tahyang
Faction: East
Playtimes: Any time after 12 PST, More active on the weekends.
Playstyle: Medium/Heavy RP, PvE. I *rarely* pvp because I'm mostly a support class (Oracle), but I'm not opposed to it.
I'm mainly focusing on questing and exploring right now, as well as leveling up artistry and gathering. Hopefully I'll find an occupation I like, ahah!

For walk-up RPs, if someone should respond to me in character I'll respond the same.
I'm not opposed to ERP, but I'd definitely like to have some sort of a story going first. xD

My character also has a tumblr: http://ajaritheoracle.tumblr.com/