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09-18-2014, 02:40 PM
How Frustrating it must be to work at Trion, to be so powerless to do anything about the 10,000's or people wanting, hoping and dreaming of playing a game to only have it in the hands of someone else. I imagine its so bewildering they are hiding in the dark shuddering in fear from the angry masses to such a point, they dare not try and quell the angry mobs, they just turn off 99% of the communication to the public and pray for someone to fix the issue. While I really do find the lack of communication, updates or anything from Trion puzzling I fear they are reaching a point the hell with it, When a server cluster has a %500 - %1000 load, adding %10 does what? Clusters can grow and shrink for the most part on the fly, perhaps a "reboot" to resysnc or take extra unneeded nodes offline. Hell even a note " Guys we hear you, we know we know, were looking for ways to fix it" would go very far. Launch or not, the core issue isn't going to go away, as will the revenue generation. You can tell a lot about a person or a company's ideals by how they communicate and deal with issues. This week, I learnt a lot about a publisher called Trion. We're certainly looking into the matter, reviewing both player feedback and numbers of players queuing up to play ArcheAge. We want to insure the absolute best experience for our players, both in the short and in the long term, and that requires us to be a little more conservative rather than reacting only in the short term. We definitely get queues are frustrating; heck we're players too and we have to wait in the same queues you guys do. But making sure we make the right long term decisions is also very important. So right now we're reading your feedback, doing some back of the napkin math, and talking amongst ourselves. As soon as we have news to announce we'll definitely be back and bringing it to you. Thanks,

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