View Full Version : Ocho: Why white knights suck and real customers are justified

09-18-2014, 04:00 PM
The issue is that, from our perspective, it DOES seem like that. There have been some very valid arguments laid out on the forums in a very respectful, thought out manner. Sure, there are 99 other rage ones for every 1 of these, but their concerns are still very valid. Obviously, the queues are a huge issue right now and I agree. But I'm still waiting for the response in regard to things like the starter packs, the "head start," etc. There are other issues here besides the queue and I understand that's a major priority to get fixed, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be communication on the other issues. Post some links, I'll take a look.
What? Identifying where you need to do better? Get more servers, open 1-2 new clusters of servers, EU and NA combined is 600-700 million people while we only have 60% of the South Korea servers. How in any possible system of logic and common sense is this identifying where you need to do better? YOU, Trion, should right now make a request from your supplier for more hardware and in 10 hours you should have at least 3-4 servers up for each area, to alleviate this horendous queues. Things are rarely that simple. We have additional hardware that we can deploy, how is this going to impact player experience in a month? In 2 months? That's also important for us to think about, because an MMO isn't just about today.

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