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09-19-2014, 08:20 AM
May or may not be based on actual events.
Names of player characters and guilds have been
(and usually will be) changed for their protection.
Updates expected whenever I'm stuck in queue,
which is probably going to be daily.
Comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism welcome.

Chapter OneTitle to be determined

The early morning sun rose through the trees, the lush foliage leaving dappled patterns of light and darkness across the hill where Alondralyn sat. Absently, she stretched out one arm to play with the shadows on the back of her hand, an activity that she enjoyed since she was a baby. This time the enjoyment was distant, as she had more pressing matters preoccupying her mind. In her other hand was a crumpled letter. It was a message from Belion, a call to arms to fight in the Elven army. Regarding the letter, she twisted her face in disgust. She knew why she was drafted, and it had nothing to do with her skill with a bow, or her supposed devotion to the Elders. It was her lineage, her bloodline, and more specifically, her father Denyn. The man was a legend around Memoria, though none could (or perhaps they chose not to) remember his eagerness to draw blood. That eagerness was very unbecoming of an elf of such high stature.

Suddenly, she heard unnatural rustling in the leaves above her. Instinct and years of training had her on her feet in an instant. Without a word she drew her bow and nocked an arrow, prepared for the worst. She had spoken her plans to no one, but speech was not the only means of gathering information...

50th in queue, so I'm gonna stop for now.

09-19-2014, 08:23 AM
good idea. way to be constructive. probably better writing than i could of done, so i'll give you a thumbs up!