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09-19-2014, 09:36 AM
Hi everyone. I know - Another thread about the wait times to the servers. How unusual..
I am highly aware of the issues around this and I feel for you all.

This is though a extremely big error by the developers and the big guys who is running the show and I can just dream what their frustration levels must be like at this time. The stress and the big "What can we do asap!?"

I am right now sitting in a 16 hours full on queue of dream, to be able to play this incredible mmorpg.

The big problem for me isnt really the queue itself but the estimated time it says it takes for me to login - its the misleading time / hour it tells me that i have to wait to login.

I know its a small bug, but still - this is a big problem.

And if you logon to archeage website it clearly says "Login and play now!"

Which is misleading aswell, its bad marketing since you cant even login.

Sometime soon you will be getting a lawsuit on this because it makes people rage and rage like crazy.
The fact is that you want people to be AFK in ur game to get laborpoints and what not to make others unable to login is out of this world so stupid . The man who came up with this should be fired.

What i suggest you do on ALL servers is do a maintenence call on all game screens saying "

- Server restart in 5 minutes.
- Then what will happen is that everyone who is actually playing will be in the queue again to login, but the people who actually is AFK will not, that means that everyone who is in the queue waiting to be able to play will also get a chance to play.

I do understand it sucks for the guys who just got in the game from 10-hours in wait time.

But this must be for the best really.

It will also kick everyone who is in the login screen AFK since they lost connection.

DO something this radical cause you will loose ALOT of players if this keeps up, its the 4th day now.

I also know that yes this is a F2P game but even those who paid are almost unable to join the game.

And they are mad, real mad cause you screwed them on their money on a login screen saying they cant play what they paid for.

And also, I am real tired of these "you must be new to the MMO release days - they all have problems"

Ofcourse they have problems.

If you design a game to want people to be AFK in your game then you are really doing it all wrong.

I just had to get this out there since this is so frustrating.

09-19-2014, 12:57 PM
that normal they will add more new sserver and than the Queue only 18hours