View Full Version : Ocho: Obscene Chat?

09-19-2014, 04:50 PM
Who sets the bar on what is acceptable and what is not?
What gave them the right?
If my bar is set differently, am I obligated to abide by theirs?
1) In games published by Trion Worlds, we set that bar.2) Publishing said game.3) If you want to continue to play the game, then yes. You are free to engage in actions which may result in the termination of your ability to play the game.I'm a strong proponent of free speech. Folks are free to speak their mind on whatever. There are however costs. For example; if someone were to advocate selling children for dinner, I would refuse to associate with them, and would report them to law enforcement. Unless of course they were an amazing author and satirist. I wouldn't say "well, ya know I disagree and that's repugnant, but it's your right and I'll just ignore it". They have a right to say it, they will also pay the penalty for saying it (in this case ostracization and increased surveillance from law enforcement). In a private environment (such as a gaming forum or online game) the operator has the right and responsibility to moderate speech in a fashion of their choosing.So yeah, free speech is great. Appropriate speech is also great. If you (generic, not particular) can't manage the later, the former will be difficult.

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