View Full Version : Scapes: New servers now..

09-19-2014, 06:10 PM
I would love to log onto the new servers.......but i can't, cause the toon I deleted 2 days ago......is still around.....oh and there is a 3300 queu to get on aranzeb and Ollo. but...... you made new servers...... First off, sorry for this workaround I'm about to communicate being a little convoluted. You have to log into a server you have a character, then log back out to character select. This will make the server realize you have more available character slots. Once it realizes you have more slots available, you can create a character on a new server. We're also relaxing the restriction on character deletion in the tonight/tomorrow's maintenances to make the deletion cooldowns shorter. The good news is that one, you can delete your character, and two, the characters lingering issue is fixed in our next client update.

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