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09-19-2014, 06:30 PM
I rolled Naima during beta and I decided to follow the server to release. The "unofficial official" roleplay server is Tahyang, and I'm considering switching there. My main reason for not doing so is land availability.

So I'm asking, are there any roleplayers of Naima's west continent? If you are one, how many others have you seen? I've never truly roleplayed in a group before (only to myself, for immersion) so I don't know what to look out for.

In addition, I have a level 20+ character with a house and farm right next to each other. Would it be unwise to move to Tahyang at this point?

Thanks in advance,
Pingonaut of Naima

09-20-2014, 12:24 AM
There are quite a few and tomorrow there is a community wide meet and greet on the lands of Greymoon Trading Company. There will be bunches of RP and a few giveaways to help some people out based on luck of the draw. I think all of the initial servers have close to no land left. I know a lot of people are wiating for some of the cottages to hopefully vanish by next week as there are a lot that were never built or paid for.

If you want some walk-up RP I'd look in the housing zones close to Memoria if you like elves and Dewstone for GTC most often there are people around to rp with. Or if you want to make introductions oocly and set up something let me know and i can direct you at some of the people.