View Full Version : Kiwibird: The CEO says ''New patron hotfix coming momentarily'' does this mean the fix for people who lost patron or a fix for people with p

09-19-2014, 06:40 PM
Hey there. Here's the update on the status of that situation.
UPDATE:We have just deployed two fixes: a platform fix and an account update script. The first fix makes it so that all purchases from the website store will correctly grant Patron status. The second fix is addressing a large batch of players who should have Patron status but do not. Once the script is complete, in about an hour, please (and I know this is a pain) log out of the game, log out of Glyph, restart Glyph, and then log back into ArcheAge. This fix may not fix all players who are missing their Patron; if you complete the relog and still aren't seeing your Patron status, please let us know in this thread or let our Support Team know via a ticket: http://support.trionworlds.comThese two fixes should address a majority of the players who are missing Patron right now and we are working until absolutely everyone who should have Patron gets it.

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